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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brady's Summer Job at Wahooz

Brady has been working all summer long at Wahooz!
 As soon as he returned home from BYU he looked for a job. He hit at the right time that Wahooz was hiring. He arrived in suit and out shined all the other applicants. They had a group interview and each person had to stand up and tell why they should get the job. Brady was the only person in a suit - everyone else in casual attire. Woo Hoo for Brady in looking and acting professional and outshining the other applicants. That's what it takes to get a job anymore - outshining the competition.
 Brady was assigned to the race track. 

Wahooz fun zone has miniature golf, bumper boats, laser tag, bowling, arcade games, food, plus it's right next to roaring springs water park. It's really busy in the summer.
 Wahooz managment loved Brady's energetic personality and his willing to do what ever is needed attitude. They gave him extra bonus points for free food all the time and praised him all the time. He really enjoyed working there.
It was hard work and being outside during these hot summer days has been hard. Plus, let me tell you the laundry in getting out the black marks from his clothing from working at the race track was challenging - but we managed to get them out and keep him in clean clothes all summer - LOL! 
On Brady's last day of work and he blew all of his employee credit on ice cream. Yum. It was great that he was able to work full time throughout the summer and pile up some money. Plus, now that he has had an actual job and his manager loved him, it will help him in getting a new one in Salt Lake. 


Zoey said...

Very cool!!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

What's Brady's degree? He's going to set the world on fire that kid!

Good for him. Sounds like you've had a VERY busy summer with all the moving and stuff.
His apartment looks like it's going to be so awesome.

Roommate situations can be horrid and ruin your grades.

Rhonda said...

Looks like a fun place to work. Autumn would love it.

Valerie said...

Congrats to him on the job. :) My son has been trying to get a job all summer, but hasn't even been called back. And now school is starting soon. Sigh* He needs to earn some mission money.


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