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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marley and Me

Brady, his friend Taylor and I went to Marley and Me last Saturday. Marley and Me is rated PG for thematic material, some suggestive content and language. Isn't Marley sooooo very cute? Aaaahhhh just that face is enough to see the movie.
Their wedding night started with a freak snow storm. I am all for a great romantic movie, I love it when the Man is sooooo very in love with the woman and feels very blessed to be with her. The dream ...... aaaahhhhh where does a girl find a man like that?
John and Jennifer Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) are newspaper journalists who start their lifetime journey together in Florida. Jennifer literally has a checklist of things she is determined to accomplish, and as she approaches the motherhood box,
John becomes stressed. Taking advice from a friend, he introduces a cute little puppy into their marriage with the hope that Marley will satisfy any maternal cravings his wife may be feeling. There they find Marley ... the clearance puppy. Marley proves to be far more than a woman's best friend. The energetic pooch is next to impossible to control, and soon their small home is tossed, ripped and shredded.Even obedience school is a washout after Marley tackles the teacher and begins rubbing himself against her leg. A visit to the vet puts his sexual inclinations in check, but it still doesn't keep him from getting into constant trouble -- trouble that turns out to be the key to John's career. After reluctantly accepting a new job assignment as a fill-in columnist at the paper, the once hard-core reporter finds a new niche as a humorous writer recounting the antics of his pet.
And that's only the beginning...
Marley becomes the backbone of this story that naturally unfolds and looks at the highs and lows of life, including having children, making career decisions. There are moments within marriage (which ring true) make it so lovable. And Wilson and Aniston are surprisingly sensitive in their roles, rendering subtle overtones to their performances.
The portrayal of a happily married couple who pull together during difficult times - when Jennifer experiences postpartum blues, a colicky baby, and crazy dog, Brady did not understand that at all (a little beyond his years or understanding how hard marriage is. I love it when John says to his friend when he suggest divorce: "Mend it, don't end it,".
The whole movie to me was about COMMITMENT. How they were committed to their marriage, their children and most of all this very, very difficult dog. It was a sweet message in this day in age when people leave their marriages when they get too difficult (me) or get rid of a very difficult pet. They were committed to the dog, to each other, to their family. Life isn't always easy ..... we just need to be more committed and care a little more deeply. That is the message I got from the show.
Marley & Me takes us on a thoughtful walk through life and illustrates how determination and perseverance pays off when it's applied to marriage, raising children -- and even taming a disobedient dog. It is heart warming and guarantees -- no matter how grown-up you are -- that you will be digging for a tissue.
I have to put in a plug about how much I LOVED John's boss who gave him the newspaper column where he writes about his family and Marley - the start of the book and movie. I liked it a lot. Brady thought it was OK - maybe a little bit too mature in the theme of marriage - Brady like Benjamin Button more then Marley and Me.


Scrappy Girl said...

I want to see that movie...I love Jenn Aniston and Owen Wilson...I look forward to seeing them together.

Zoey said...

Have you seen Bedtime Stories? That is the other one I really want to see right now!

Sondra said...

Brady saw Bedtime Stories in SLC so I won't be seeing it until it comes out on DVD. Brady liked it.


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