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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Really I am starting my diet today!! REALLY!

Here it is a couple of days into the new year and I haven't been doing very good on any type of diet / healthy food plan / fitness... nothing. I am having a tough time getting motivated to get going. I am going to log everything that goes into my mouth starting today on SparkPeople. I need to get back to my fitness plan too...

Don't you just love Oprah - I am in the same boat... I can't believe the weight creeps back on and here I am working on my weight issues again. It gets really frustrating. Yesterday she talked a lot about loving yourself enough to get healthy and to put myself as a priority. I struggle with what she was saying. I do think I love myself enough - but I just love junk food / chocolate / mindless eating - LOL... It's hard to think that I don't love myself because I eat yummy fattening food - that means I don't like myself.... hmmmmmm I don't know if I buy into that. Dieting is hard - it is just plain hard to always have to work on it and work on it. I wish that I was just naturally skinny and didn't ever have to worry about it again!! (don't we all who have to work on their weight?)

Oprah is funny when she talks about how much she hates exercise - and so do I. I hate dieting because it consumes everything you do - every thought you have. You have to plan your meals, plan your fitness or you don't eat well or move your body. It is so very true. It takes a lot of energy to eat correctly instead of mindless eating what you can find in the fridge or cupboard when you are hungry.

Well, here I am on the journey again. I have almost a whole year before the holidays start again which is where I fell off the wagon half way through my journey last time. It gets so frustrating. I really want to just get it done and get the weight off. I know that I will have to always have be aware of what I eat and exercise to maintain for the rest of my life - just like Oprah (which is hard to get a grip on).

Well........ Here I go again! This time I WILL DO IT!!

The snow is here again. It snowed all day yesterday and all morning today. I get really tired of driving around on icy snow covered roads. I realize it is hard to keep the roads clear when it snows all day long - but it is horrible trying to get around the valley and work. They say it is suppose to get warm today and turn to rain. So far - all I see is snow. Hopefully this afternoon will be better or the roads will be better.


Scrappy Girl said...

Good luck on the diet...I have that same cartoon on my blog today. So funny!

It is rainy here...and muddy!

Elizabeth M said...

the only suggestion I can give is just don't buy anything that you think would be 'bad' for you. if you don't have chips in the house, then there won't be any to eat, right? that works for me anyways plus the kids don't really need them anyways.

Ann Marie said...

We all need to unite!
My main thing is exercise.. I need to do it, and I am determined!

It keeps on snowing here too.
I'm already ready for tulips.
I love Utah, but hate winters here..

Zoey said...

Good luck on that! I went to the gym yesterday - I haven't been in about 1 1/2 months and it was terrible. But, boy, do I feel better when I get up and get moving, even just a little bit!


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