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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year 2009!
Here is to a wonderful new year! Best wishes that all our hopes, wishes and dreams come true in 2009!

I guess this is the part where I make my New Years Resolutions. In keeping with my Monday Motivational Blog this week, I'd like to keep my resolutions in 4 areas.

1. Intellectually (in wisdom and knowledge)
I prefer to read stories and am not much on the books based on knowledge thing. I will continue to read good books - that are stories. I resolve to add that sometime this year to read a book that will give me knowledge. I do feel that I always seek out good articles from LDS sites and I love news articles too. I will continue to read articles that peak my interest.

2. Physically (in stature)
Of course I will work on losing weight. The goal is 8 pounds per month (2 pounds per week) by working on SparkPeople. I will actively participate on the SparkPeople site to track my food and fitness. To motivate others as well as keep myself motivated throughout the year. The main goal I have is getting a healthy body, being fit and at my peak. I'd like to age a little more gracefully as the 50 mark getting closer every year.

3. Socially (in favor with man)
I am a total home body and don't venture out too often with friends. This year I decided I will attend every Home making night (easier since I changed my evening working day off of Tuesday). I will try to socialize more with the women in my ward. Of course I will always have my blogging friends. The social scene isn't my favorite thing and I have a really tough time doing it in person - LOL!
I resolve to have 100% on visiting teaching (OK, I confess I have a tough time being consistent with this) It's one of my social issues that I need to get better at.
I'll be a better neighbor and wave or visit when I see my neighbors.

4. Spiritually (in favor with God)
I would like to make a goal to read the scriptures EVERY day in 2009. We are pretty good when school isin session and read every week day before school. I just am not consistent on the weekends and during the summer. This year I'd like to do much better.
I am going to attend the temple more - definitely once a month. This year I will do better and make more time to enjoy the blessings of the temple.
I will do better at reading the Ensign each month. Sometimes I get so busy that it just collects dust - this year I will make it a priority to read the words of the Prophets.

A few random things.
I would like to become clutter free and more organized in each are of my house.

I'd like to work on my scrap booking more - try to finish up and only work on my blog.

I will pay down as much debt as possible this year-become debt free (except my house).

Complete my 72 hour kit, car kit, and have great food storage and water storage.
Get more recipes for food storage staples and cook more from basic food storage supply - also this should be part of eating healthier this year.

That is quite a list - but a good list to make 2009 the best year of my life!

Happy New Year Everyone!
One last thing I would like to add.

Brady came home from his Dad's house yesterday so that he could attend the New Year's Eve stake dance. This would be his first one since he turned 14. I have VERY fond memories of attending New Year's Eve dances and really wanted him to experience the fun of the New Year's Eve Dance. I took him and Donny (from our ward) to the dance. It was clear out in Eagle, Idaho - 15 or so miles away. I was excited for Brady, but of course I have to almost force him out the door.

I returned to the stake center to pick up Brady and Donny at 12 Midnight and waited for him to call me. I waited and waited, I even called his cell phone 3 times. The parking lot was getting emptier and emptier... I decided that I needed to go look for him. There he was waiting for me to drive by - even though I was parking and waiting for his call.

Of course Brady's phone was silenced - OK what good is a cell phone on silence??? I just shake my head. We both are waiting and waiting for no good reason -- arrrrrgggggghhhh!!!

Anyway - did he have a great time?? even a good time??? Nope, he didn't have that much fun and was his usual moody teenager self. I guess kids don't dance??? What has this generation come to?? I was shocked - he said there was only 4 slow dances and hardly anybody dances the fast dances... I just can't believe he didn't have the time of his life. It makes me want to take a bunch of old fogies like myself and show these kids the real fun they can have. Maybe the stake dances are a waste of time and they need to have ward parties/dances so my older generation can show these youngsters how to have fun -- Yes, I am shaking my head at such silly - texting - no personal interaction generation - how to live. No wonder the marriage statistic is going down.. They don't know how to date or find that someone special - dance and have fun... Arrrggghhh...

I just am at a loss.... He said he would rather have stayed home with me... Now isn't that sad??

When we got home - we broke out the Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and toasted to the new year. Then we let off about 20 poppers that are currently strung all over the house - very festive.. Oh the fun we have at home and not at the dance?? Crazy!!!

This year - maybe Brady will dance, ask girls to dance with him and become more social?? Hmmmm.. this summer he learns how to drive... this year I am sure he'll act more like a moody teenager... It may be a challenge - but I will survive and LOVE every moment of it! I hope you will too!


Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like you are just going to have to become less hip and happening girlie...LOL! Sometimes I think Manga Dork likes to hang out with me a little too much too. Brady seems like such a great kid.

Best wishes on your resolutions. I am going to post mine later today. I just can't seem to get the time to write them down and get my thoughts on paper. That's probably not a good sign..LOL!

Happy New Year!

Ann Marie said...

We have 4 od the exact same resolutions. Awesomeness.
Hopefully I will get around to posting them..
What is it with kids? Dancing is soo fun!
Glad you had a fun night!
Happy 2009!

Robyn said...

I never went to a stake dance growing up- can you believe that?!?

I love that you already have your resolutions to start the new year. I am still debating on mine.

(PS- you need to come and see my house and get your chocolates!)

Cherie said...

Happy New Year Sondra and Brady!!

The Stake dances are totally funny these days. The kids really don't dance and when they get older they like to "hang out" not date necessarilly. Crazy!

They need to introduce - Dating and Dancing 101 - as a class on Sundays! LOL


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