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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fun Mail I Received This Week

My friend Stephanie L. told me about a fun site she found which creates a little gift to give the ladies you visit teach each month. She told me how much she loved getting them and giving them to the ladies she visit teaches. They are $4.00 each, which I thought was a very good price when you only VT 2 - 3 people, I only have 2 right now. My partner and one of my ladies have moved which leaves my route really small. I ordered the kits from "Hand Picked Daisy's and I have a button on the right side of my blog if you'd like to order them too.

This is January's beautiful kits. I ordered 4 because I want one for myself and I am going to send one to my Mom as a little monthly gift. (Yup, Mom - check your mail next week for your gift).
Inside there is a calendar, a recipe and an overview of the lesson.
I am also adding a sunflower bookmark that I printed off of that I laminated. The bookmark also has an overview of the lesson.
Emma's Place is a new blogspot I recently found. She does some amazing handouts for Primary, Activity Days, Young Women's and Relief Society. It's a cool blog (I Love It).
If you don't want to spend the $4.00, you could look at Hand Picked Daisy's shop each month to see her kits. You could also print off the free downloads from "The Idea Door" site or "" and create something fun on your own.
I am a homebody and busy. Most of the time I really procrastinate getting it done each month. I know these fun little gifts will help me have 100% this year.
I also received my 3rd blog book in the mail this week. It's very exciting each month to receive these beautiful books.
Here are my three books. The first book, I chose to put my house on the front of that book because I blogged and took pictures of my home in that book. The next one was November and I put the picture of our family around the dinner table enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner, and it has an orange cover. December, I put a picture of my Christmas tree, village and nativity and chose a red cover. I just love these books that didn't take any effort to put together - Aaaaahhhh the easy life!
Here is the inside of December's book - Christmas day. Here is the place to print off your own blog: I thought I would show the back side of the books too. (click the picture to enlarge and view).
They are offering 15% off a book order with this code: MyBlog31MAR04007... put it in when you check out.
Lastly, I received my free print from David Bowman. He was giving 8" x 10" prints for free if you posted his new pictures on your blog. I did here:
and I receive my free print this week. I love getting fun mail. It is such a fun experience when packages come instead of bills! I enjoyed going to pick up my mail this week!


Scrappy Girl said...

I love fun mail too! Thanks for the info on printing your blog...this is something I have been considering doing. I had been looking at to print a whole year. 400 pages for under $100 I think! TGIF!

Sondra said...

Scrappy Girl, Apparently the Blurb software doesn't support blogger anymore. Cherie my friend had her blog loaded on the old software - but when she went to update the software to print out Year 2008, she found that it wouldn't work anymore. They don't know if or when Blurb will support blogger anymore. Just and FYI... Take care! Sondra

Zoey said...

Hey hey! I love fun mail too! That picture is gorgeous and a keepsake I think. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Ann Marie said...

Wow! You have gotten some fun mail!
I am exited to check out those sites! Thanks for the tips!


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