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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scaring up some fun for Halloween!

Best Witches everyone!! We hope you have a fangtastic Halloween!

Tonight we worked on getting our pumpkins carved. I decided to carve a pack of wolves - I imagine they are Jacob, Seth, Leah -- oh, you know my favorite wolf pack. I just couldn't resist. Today I finished listening to Eclipse on CD. I loved it. I had forgotten the heart break for Jacob at the end of the book. I finished as I was driving home from work, trying my darnedest not to cry too hard and keep my eyes clear of tears. Oh... poor Jacob. I absolutely love books on CD...... Like Ann Marie said - I will probably get New Moon on CD..... I'm ready to listen start to end (I LOVE TWILIGHT).

Don't you love my wolves? (I hope one day I will be able to imprint too)

Brady concentrating really hard on tracing his pattern.

He decided on a scull and cross bones... Hmmmm I'm so surprise (not).

Brady is going to be a pirate for Halloween tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomorrow.
I had to make more cookies for a party Brady is having in his Spanish class. (I just love my new mixer - it's a very professional feeling and is slick - love it!) Brady signed me up for sugar cookies. This time I made spider cookies. I'll tell you how I decorate them.
First - frost with white frosting.

Next, pipe circles of black frosting - like this. Nope.... they don't have to be perfect circles.

Next, run a tooth pick from center out the the end of the cookie like a spider web.

I then put a plastic spider on the web to finish it off. Make sure you tell everyone the spider is plastic and not edible.
Come in for a "Bite".
Have a "Spooky" Day!


Scrappy Girl said...

You crack me up with your wolves and tapes...we've got it bad don't we?!

Love those cookies!

Ann Marie said...

LOL! I loved the whole wolf pack reference! Thanks for the shout-out.. I do have to say that I felt differently than you though.. I was so angry with Jacob, and I was MAD after Eclipse. Alot of people said the books could have ended there, but I felt that her heart was still with both. That's why I LOVEd Breaking Dawn.. Not everyone was happy with how Jacob's story turned out, but I LOVED it because he wasn't going to try and kiss her again, and her heart was completely with Edward.

Thanks for the cookie tip. I have never seen how to decorate one with a web, and it is darling!

PS: I hope you imprint one-day too!

Erika said...

Those cookies look awesome! And I love your pumpkins! So fun.

Cherie said...

You are SO FUNNY! Totally Lovin' the wolves and the cookies are SUPER CUTE!
Happy Halloween!

Robyn said...

You guys are professional pumpkin carvers! You make ours seem pathetic! Have a happy halloween!

Sondra said...

Ann Marie, I have always been "Team Edward" and I hated Jacob kissing Bella too. When I listen to the emotion in the CD's it puts a whole new twist/heart break into it. In the end, I was really glad things worked out for Jacob and Nesse.... I never wanted Bella to be with anyone but my dear sweet Edward aahhh... Breaking Dawn is my favorite too.


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