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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday, Scarecrow Festival, Rainy Day

This weekend is the Scarecrow Festival here in Meridian, ID. I don't know why they always have it when General Conference is going on. This years was a TOTAL failure... I don't know if it was the rain or people just didn't sign up to have a booth this year. I wonder if they don't make much money because most people are staying home for General Conference. Usually there are games, crafts, mazes, rock wall and other fun things for the kids, lots and lots of booths, food vendors and it is pretty fun. Last year wasn't as fun for us because Brady is getting to big for the kid stuff.

We always go to get cotton candy and check it out between sessions of conference. This year I ran to Albertsons to get my deals for the week. While I drove there I wanted to check it out and I saw that there were only a few vendors and they moved it to Generations Plaza (2 blocks from my house). Generations plaza has our towns water fountain and clock hub - central location of our little downtown, where I live. It's fun because everything is right here. We walk to the tree lighting at Christmas (also at Generations Plaza), the parades (small town parades for Dairy Days and Christmas (Santa Clause). It is really fun to not have to find parking.

When I returned home from shopping, we decided to walk on down to the festival. We took one quick walk around the 5 booths set up and left. Of course I had to take a quick picture.

On the way home I made Brady pose for more pictures. This is the Boys and Girls Club, one block away or just 3 houses away from our home. I has been a great place for Brady to attend when he was younger. Now that he is in High School, he has out grown it a little. He still drops by now and then - but not as much as he used to. These pictures are in front of the Boys and Girls club - Brady helped paint the picture he is standing by. You can also notice the evil eye he is giving me because I am taking pictures of him all the time - so that I can blog it. LOL.

Right next to the Boys and Girls club is a little park. A couple of years ago there were 3 houses there that they tore down and added this little park. Also the Boys and Girls club used to be the Police Station and when they moved to a new facility the Boys and Girls club took over their building and made the park.

Last year they put up this statue... It's pretty cool that it is only 3 houses down from where I live. There is also basket ball court (small cement) for the kids to play basket ball. Sometimes during the summer, the Boys and Girls club children get pretty loud... but it's OK - I love kids and I am glad to have this safe facility in our town to enjoy.

Well, that's a little tour of my little piece of heaven - our little town in Idaho.

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Ann Marie said...

It's funny that he doesn't like all the pictures now, but he will oneday! These memories will be priceless with all the journaling too!


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