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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've been tagged......Come in for a "Bite"

You've been tagged. I, was too, so now I'm passing along the blessing. :) You're, apparently, supposed to tell us 7 things about yourself that we didn't know.

1. I was named after the actress: Sandra Dee. However, when my Mom was pregnant they mispronounced her name to Sondra Dee (My name). I loved watching Sandra Dee in the movies when I was a little girl. OK - I know I am old -- there are probably lots of you younger generation who have no idea who Sandra Dee is.... LOL

2. When I was lots younger - I loved doing gymnastics. I could arch my back (while lying on my tummy) and touch my feet to my head. I took 4th place in a city gymnastic meet in 9th grade. However, I really didn't get involved on the gymnastic team in high school - I don't know why...??

3. Also when I was younger, we used to build an ice skating pond in our back yard. We started ice skating when we were toddlers. Mom and Dad had ice skates with 4 runners (Like roller skates) but they were blades so we could learn to ice skate at a very young age. I grew up in Pocatello Idaho - yup it was that cold!! We would water down the snow with our hose and then drain the hose (so it wouldnt' freeze). We kept doing it every couple of hours every day until we had an ice skating pond. That was our favorite thing to do all winter long. I still love to ice skate when I have an opportunity.

4. I have never had a speeding ticket in my whole life.

5. In my lifetime, so far I have had 5 operations - plus 2 babies. I hate doctors.

6. I have naturally curly hair. While growing up - I always had ringlets in my hair. I had them in every school picture until 8th grade. After washing my hair, my Mom would wrap my hair around her finger and pull her finger out and I had a ringlet. I always wished for straight hair.. even today I'd love to have straight hair.

7. I never wore pants to school until 5th grade and I believe my Mom made me a couple of pant suits (polyester) to wear. We always wore a dress to school and if it was really cold (OK - Pocatello and building an ice skating pond in our yard).. really cold - we could wear pants under our dress while we walked to school and then had to take them off. I was probably in 8th or 9th grade before wore a pair of Levis to school.

As a side note -- I don't feel like I am really that old - I'm only 46 years young. My how times have changed. When I started working for a computer company, I was 25 years old and the computer was a huge monster in a air conditioned computer room. Now we have a little box that links across the world.. Crazy!! Enough talk about how it used to be... I am beginning to feel old -- LOL!!

I tag everyone who reads this...


Scrappy Girl said...

Very cool getting to know you better...I love Sandra Dee!

Ann Marie said...

Fun to read new things about you!
5 operations? Wow!

Is there anyone that loves there hair? I always wanted naturally curly, and instead have fine and straight. The grass is always greener on the other side!

Have a good day!


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