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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fire! Fire! Fire! I want my "mummy"

A couple of months ago, I attended a city meeting proposing upcoming changes to the downtown area. They proposed taring down 2 houses and building a parking lot to house additional parking needs as the downtown area re-vamps. It was a great meeting and exciting to see the new changes the city will be making within the next few years.

The best thing about this meeting was that they actually listened to me about the traffic problems we experience living downtown. Luckily, they listened and implemented a turn lane when they moved the traffic light from Idaho street to Broadway. It's going to be a huge blessing in moving the traffic along. Yeah!!

I knew that they were getting ready to tare down the 2 houses as they were cutting down the trees, brush, fences and salvaging parts off of the houses. What I didn't know was that the fire department had planned a training exercise by burning a house down.

Saturday when Brady went out the back door of our house he saw the fire. This is what you see just outside our back door. That's my fence - fire and black smoke.

I ran over to check it out and take pictures. Our fire department just received a new truck with a ladder. They were trying it out and training with it.

Here are pictures from the fire. You can see they took off lots of stuff/siding from the house to prepare it before they lit it on fire.

Then I left and came back to watch a half hour or so later. Most of the house was gone except the back side.

Then a fireman came with this poker looking thing (like from my home fire place tool kit) with a long handle and started pushing the remaining structure down.

And then it was down...

Then they let the ladder truck take it from there... Wooooosh! Lots of water power. It was awesome!

It sure was an exciting day - a house on fire without effecting the life of a family.
That was our exciting Saturday event! There is still one house to be torn down. I wonder if they will burn it too... Then a building will be torn down and a new beautiful building will be built and a new parking lot. Yes... I am getting closer and closer to our downtown. They keep coming closer every year. It makes me wonder if they will ever take over my block and I'll have to move. Who knows.....

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Scrappy Girl said...

That would have been really neat to watch. Free entertainment!


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