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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Enter at your own risk!

It's Halloween at our house --- so very scary --- enter at your own risk!

For family home evening, we put out our decorations. This year, Brady asked if he could put together our haunted village by himself. Of course, that was a great idea!! He is very proud of his work and he did an awesome job!! So VERY SCARY... o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

The front of our spooky house... Don't let the spiders get in your hair... Eeeek!

A couple of our spooky decorations (spooky fun). I'll share more later as I am running out of time today. I hope your enjoying a monstrous start to October.


Scrappy Girl said...

oooohhh...those spiders look like they would love to get in some! Love your decos!

Ann Marie said...

Your decorations are soo cute!
I *adore* your little haunted village! Love it!! Do you collect new pieces, or is it the whole set?

I laughed when I saw the picture of your son in front of it, because he has a huge smile! :)
Usually he looks *not-so-happy* that Mom has the camera!
His smile is nice! Tell him that! :)

Fun FHE activity!

Sondra said...

Ann Marie, thanks for the compliment for Brady smile. I will be sure to tell him. I purchased a couple of houses every year for several years (at the end of season for pennies on the dollar). It is not a set. I love the new houses with moving parts - but I am content with the village I have. I put flashing Christmas lights in them - which are ghosts moving from house to house of course. It is Brady's favorite village (we have one for Easter and Christmas). Sondra


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