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Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016 Financial Wins

April 2016 Financial Wins!

Blog Advertisement Check was: $135.48
Thanks for clicking on those advertisements!

Swagbucks status:
Started April 2794 or $27.04
Earned in April: 7473 or $74.73

Cashed in: $55.00
April 11: 2200 for discounted $25
April 12: 2500 for $25
April 25 for $5

Ending April with 2273 points or $22.73.

I planned not to do anything on Swagbucks in April to earn points because of this:

This just makes me so angry!
 I already had to up my plan to $80 per month for internet service only. 

I hate that this area only has 2 options for internet service. CableOne who is currently scamming customers who do not subscribe to Cable TV by penalizing them for the amount of data they use to download movies from Netflix and Hulu. They are trying to earn customers back to TV cable service.

The other option for this area is CenturyLink. Unfortunately they only offer 12mb Internet speed. I tried it and it just doesn't work for me - it's too slow. 

So, for now I have to be over charged by CableOne and I am NOT going to pay more for internet service.

I really don't watch TV - I read all the time. I know a lot of the usage comes from Jason living here and from me doing Swagbucks.

I quit watching anything video related on Swagbucks. I am not going to pay more money to earn pennies with Swagbucks.

I did try to earn money from completing surveys - and surprisingly enough I was able to make money from surveys last month. 

I didn't get 3rd notice from CableOne, which means that playing on Swagbucks is using data. 

It looks like the Swagbuck earning potential is going to stop soon. Like I said, I won't pay more money to CableOne to earn pennies from Swagbucks. I'll do what I can and try to complete surveys because I do like to earn free money, but I don't see this being a huge money earner anymore.

Extra Money earned from my Cleaning Business:
I earned an extra $330 this month!

I did a new clean for one of my customers who purchased a new house and did the move out clean on the house rental they moved out of. Earning me $250 more than their regular cleaning price. 

Also my 90 year old customer came back to a bi-weekly cleaning $80. I was able to clean him one time in April - which was extra money I didn't count on in my budget!!

Random Earning $20
KBOI Channel 2 and the Idaho Lottery had a Wheel of Fortune daily game to earn some scratch off tickets on facebook. I solved the puzzle a couple of times and submitted it on facebook. 

On Friday I when I returned home from work I had a phone call from KBOI telling me I won $25 worth of Wheel of Fortune scratch tickets. Quantity 5 - $5 tickets. 

Two scratch tickets won me $10 each and so I ended up winning $20. 
Unexpected but completely fun!
April was a great extra earning month!

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