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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Valentine Goodies!

I Love Pinterest! All of these cute ideas can be found on my Valentine Pinterest board. You can follow me or find my board on the side bar "Follow me on Pinterest".
I had lots of fun putting together a LOVE kit for Jason, Sharon and Brady for Valentines Day. Everything above was made for each of my dear children to let them know that their Mommy loves them. It's fun to do even though Jason is 29 and Brady is 19. They love it and I love doing it. 
I loved the Minion twinkies "Your One In A Minion! Happy Valentines day. 

Plus I had to include Olaf from FROZEN. "Some people are worth melting for" with a chocolate heart for a balloon. The bag of kisses (because I could NOT find any hugs) has Olaf that I put googly eyes on a carrot nose and pom poms for buttons (I only had green on hand) and it says: " Hi! I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"

A heart shaped box of chocolates too!
A bag of Nachos that says "For "NACHO" average Valentine.

 A bag full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (heart shaped) with a pink topping that says "I heart you".

Reese's Pieces with a sign "I Love you to Pieces!".

Tic Tacs that say "My Heart Tics for You" (Pink) and "Love Sick Pills" (Red).

Might as well be "Nerds" Together - Happy Valentines Day. I had to do this because Brady LOVES Nerd Glasses and I believe this was his favorite Valentine out of the box he received. 
Brady with is nerd glasses  -- LOL! That's soooo him!
A heart shaped sucker that says: "I hope you have a FAN{TACHE}TIC Valentines Day" ... of course I had to do something with a Mustache - isn't that the latest rage?

I made a robot with a box of Valentine conversation hearts, Smarties as the arms and Starbursts as the feet and eyes. I attached a robot picture behind it that says " Valentine .... I like you A BOT! 

I saw these Kissy face lip pops and had to include that too. 

Also a green sticky hand that says: "I'm Stuck on You Valentine".

Brady also got a 2 DVD's he's wanted: Les Miserables - 10th year anniversary (Dream Team with Michael Ball) and the 25th year anniversary stage (Alfie Boe)  DVD.
The surprise I received on Valentines Eve was a bunch of flowers on my porch anonymous.

This is what I posted on facebook: Feeling loved ..... A bunch of flowers left on my porch with a card that only says "Happy Valentines Day". I wonder who left them (with a knock, knock, knock on my door at 9pm)????? Too fun! 

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