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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brady is a FHE Dad

Brady has a new blog called I am a Mormon and This is my Castle. Here is his blog telling about his new calling to be the Family Home Evening Dad:

Wards in college are obviously different than your family ward in your hometown. Not only is it a singles ward, but the new semester means a whole new ward entirely. The only people who are not new are the bishop, his councilors, the high councilor, the relief society advisor, and the clerk. That means that all the other callings were up for grabs and quickly were being dished out to the members. The goal, our bishop told us, was that everyone in the ward would get a calling. My ward is comprised of 75 males an 125 females.

My first Monday here was a family home evening day. We all came out of our apartments and sorted ourselves into pre-assigned groups, and played a few games. I was trying my hardest before the games started to remember everyone’s names, which was a really comical sight. After the games, we were asked to do a skit. I was very excited. We were given props, but our skit had to have a religious overtone or theme to it. The props we got were swimming noodles, and a baseball bat. Needless to say, I took over the reins of the activity, and started to instruct people on what they were, what to do, and their lines. During the planning, a member of the bishopric came over and asked who was leading our group. Everyone kind of just looked at me, so I became the temp home evening leader (dad) and a girl volunteered for the corresponding part (mom). Our skit was based on the story of Ammon and the king. I was the king, needless to say. All the women in the group were sheep. There was an Ammon with the bat, and sheep scatterers with the noodles going through their shirt for arms. When the sheep got scattered, Ammon came at them with his bat and chopped their arms (noodles) off.

Last week, I was called in an hour before church, which takes place in a rather large building with 4 chapels I believe, and was informed I would be given a calling. Without any surprise at all, I was called as the permanent home evening leader.

(Yes, this was taken in a public bathroom. I felt my room and bathroom were too messy.)

Now that I’m pretty much a weekly activities director, I hope that I’ll be able to come up with fun, interesting, and possibly unique things to do and blog about. I hope you guys will look forward to some exciting activities to base your family home evenings after!

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