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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Slump

I have been in a total "blog slump". I haven't wanted to take time out of my busy schedule this summer to blog. The longer I have gone without blogging, the more daunting it seems. I'm really far behind and I need to be blogging all that I've been doing for my journal and history.

I need to just sit down and blog. Well, I'm going to try and write some blogs and get the ball rolling. I am going to apologize upfront for cramming your google reader with all the posts I am behind on. Hopefully I'll soon be caught up and and it will get back to normal.

Again, I'm sorry if I clog up your google reader with lots of blog posts as I struggle to get caught up. Thanks for reading my random thoughts and putting up with these many blog posts coming your way.

1 comment:

Zoey said...

Keep it coming! I am about a month behind, so it is really daunting for me too. Add to that that Brandon won't let me put his picture on the blog ... I don't know how this will work!


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