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Thursday, July 5, 2012

2. Write 10 material possessions you are grateful for.

1. My Home / Shelter.
I love my home, the peace and comfort I enjoy in my home. This is my #1 possession that I am grateful for because it keeps me safe and protected. I can't even think about not having the protection and comfort I enjoy from owning a home. Without it, the world would be a scary place.
2. Music / Zune / Piano
Music would have to be my #2 thing I would hate to live without. If I didn't have a physical thing to provide music - I would be singing all the time. Music makes life much better, happier, peaceful and spiritual. I love having music playing in my home and while I work. When I am stressed I can put on good music and I am calmed. Music plays a very important part in my life.
3. Car
Even though I don't have new cars, I am thankful for cars that run. Without my car I wouldn't have a business. I could walk or bike to the store, church and friends - but I wouldn't be able to work my current job without my car. It's very important to providing the life we have.
4. Running water / bathroom / toilet / shower and tub
Love running water. Period!
5. Hot Water Heater
Love hot water too! If I were a pioneer woman and didn't have hot water out of my faucet - it wouldn't be too nice not having a nice shower when I'm dirty, hot water to wash clothes or dishes. I can't imagine having to heat water on a fire before bathing - Yikes!
6. Stove / Oven
I think cooking over a fire would get tiresome. I enjoy cooking for my family and the money we save from making things from scratch. It's a blessing to have a way to provide hot meals for my family.
7. Washing Machine
I would hate having to wash everything piece of clothing by hand. I don't mind hanging our clothes on the line to dry - but it would be a long day if I had to wash everything by hand. I definitely wouldn't enjoy that.
8. Refrigerator / Freezer
Just being able to preserve food and keep it fresh is such a blessing! I hate going grocery shopping. I try to stretch it as long as I can. Right now I try to last at least 2 weeks from shopping. More often we can go longer then that. I love food storage! We definitely save money by not shopping for food every day or even every week.
9. Computer
Love my computer! Love blogging! Love the information you can look up at the touch of your finger. I love reading news on the computer. It is such a useful tool in my life and a great way to keep my journal / history.
10. Camera
It would be sad if I couldn't capture photos of my life. I am a very visual person and love pictures. I'm not the best photographer - but I am getting better.
11. T.V.
 I'll at a #11 - T.V. I could live without it. But I love watching movies and having lazy days in front of the TV. It's not a big part of my life - but there are days when I need a break and watching TV provides me a relaxing enjoyable day. We are a big Movie family. We go to movies / rent movies and purchase movies. I love being lost in a story - just like reading a book.
12. Bread maker
I could make bread from hand - but having a bread maker is really convenient in my busy life. It is wonderful to have freshly baked bread instead of store bought bread. Love it!

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Zoey said...

I've done a post like this before. Crazy, isn't it? I don't know if I could have survived as a pioneer woman!


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