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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pledge Wipes Review

Last week I received a Fed-X package. I couldn't even think what it could be because I hadn't ordered anything.

I was completely shocked that Johnson/Pledge sent me the Pledge wipes via Fed-X. Crazy!

I have to say that I am disappointed that they didn't follow through on the 3 coupons for free product. That is a bummer because when my niece received hers in the mail, it was good for any Johnson product. Too bad I didn't get the coupons they said they were sending me.
I've seen these at my customer's houses before, but in each home that I've tried to use one - they were completely dried out. This product is something you have to use BEFORE it dries out. It is NOT a long lasting item that you can leave on a shelf. I'm putting mine in an extra Ziploc bag in hopes that it won't dry out.

How did it work out for me?

Naively I thought you could use the wipe and it would shine beautifully and be done. That is basically what the instructions say to do. However for me, it didn't shine up like I want. I could see the product film on my furniture/counter and not the shine I want.

So what I did was take my microfiber dusting cloth (which I love) and BUFFED UP the polish the Pledge wipe left on the furniture and counters.

After I buffed it up, it worked and shined like Pledge normally does.

The draw back for me is that this is not practical when you are working hard and fast to get the work done. It's a 2 step process to get the shine.
1. Wipe the whole surface with the Pledge wipe.
2. Buff up a nice shine with microfiber dusting cloth.

The other thing that is annoying is all the wipes it takes and when they are done - find a garbage to throw it in. I just kept putting them in my pocket to speed up the process and then threw them away at the end.

Pledge talks about being "Environmentally" friendly/responsible .... but how can they when I'm using wipe after wipe to clean a house? Just to throw them away. How is that Environmentally friendly?

I honestly don't think I will go this route in my quest for the Pledge shine in a furniture spray. It is too time consuming and a pain in the butt.

Also, they said it would leave behind the usual smell their old furniture polish left behind. Nope. It has a nice lemon smell, but nothing like spraying Pledge furniture polish from the can and buffing up the shine on the furniture / counter / shower etc.  I LOVE the Pledge furniture polish smell - it's fabulous!

Sniffle, sniffle ... I'm sure going to miss their old product. I hope they understand they have ruined their product line and bring back the old formula. I sure hope and pray they do!!

On a happy note!
I found 4 bottles of old Pledge and of course purchased them! Oh happy dance!!
You can see the change in the packaging from old to new.

I will be hoarding these and using them on my house (sorry customers). These will be like Gold to me. I hope I can find some more! But hooray I have 4 bottles! Yippeeee!

I sure hope they listen to their customer base and revert back to their old formula that works and leaves the most beautiful shine and smell.

From the girl who USED TO BE Pledge's number one fan -


Valerie said...

Wow...that seems rather contradictory to their "environmentally friendly" stance! I guess I won't be buying the wipes either. :(

Unknown said...


Question, are the four cans of Pledge on the left side of the photo the "old" Pledge?

I have found a source, if you are located in Utah. Just left the store, and there were about 4-5 cans still there.


Sondra said...

Yes, the 4 cans on the left side are (all lemon) are the old ones. I live in Idaho - darn. I'd love to get those cans. My niece also let me know that Costco has the old ones there. I haven't made it over there - but hope that I'll be able to stock up for my customer base. Thanks a bunch! Sondra

Unknown said...


You are welcome! I will look at Costco, too, and see if they still have the old Pledge.

Thanks for the head's up on this. I appreciate you posting the information.

And, thank you, too, for the Primary helps. You are awesome!!!


Rosine Stallings said...

Does the Pledge Specialty Surfaces spray work? I'm just wondering because I found a lot of that kind at our local Big Lots store. Not sure if I should go buy them up. They're in the old canister so I'm assuming it's the old formula.


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