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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buyer Beware: New Pledge® Furniture Polish

Please forward this warning to your family and friends AND contact the company with your feelings on the new formula of Pledge.

Have you noticed a difference with Pledge furniture polish lately?

They have changed their formula and I have noticed a HUGE change AND I don't like it.

Being a residential house cleaner, I used Pledge daily to clean and protect furniture, counters, showers, kitchens, wood. I always joked that I should take stock out in the company because I go through at least a can a week in my business.

Pledge has always made me look good. It left a great shine and smell in each of the homes I clean.

During the past few weeks I have had the misfortune in using the new formula of Pledge. It's awful! I have been so upset with the job I have been leaving my customers that I have had anxiety and a sick feeling inside (due to the perfectionistic standard I hold myself to).

I have wasted time trying to get this product to shine up my customers homes but instead left streaked dull finishes that no longer protect the surfaces.

I finally decided to contact the Johnson company that makes Pledge and let them know how unhappy I am with their new formula.

Here is my comment to the company:

Comments: I hate your new Pledge formula. It's awful! I am a residential cleaning lady and I always use Pledge for my customers. It was always a superior product until this new formula. Unfortunately I am going to change from Pledge to some other furniture polish.

This new formula does not leave a nice shine like the old one did. It is dull and it leaves streaks on the furniture. It makes my job much harder to give a beautiful clean job for my customers. Every day I am frustrated using the garbage your product has become.

I also use pledge to shine up shower walls and kitchen cabinets and counter tops. It doesn't shine up but leaves a dull streaked finish.

You have ruined the superior product you used to have. Whoever came up with this new formula should be fired.

When you change back to the correct formula that actually works please let me know. Until then I must use something else to give the superior cleaning service my customers are used to.

Is there anyway to purchase your old product?

This is their response:

Hi Sondra,

As you're a loyal fan of Pledge® Furniture Polish, we certainly appreciate your feedback on the new formula. Although there have been changes made, please know we'd never expect you to notice a difference in performance. Since it sounds like you noticed quite a big change, please know I immediately shared your email with the Pledge® team.

Your faith in Pledge® means so much to us, and we hope you'll give us a chance to restore it. So you can pick up a few new Pledge® Sprays on us, I've sent three complimentary coupons to your home address.

To remove any streaks on your or your client's surfaces, we recommend re-cleaning using the furniture polish cleaning method. First, generously spray the surface with Pledge®, then clean with circular washing motion with a clean, damp cloth. This not only removes they layer you just put on, but also the layer of polish underneath it. Finally, wipe the surface with a fresh dry, soft cloth. While you may have to repeat this a few times, I'm confident it will do the trick.

We thank you for choosing Pledge®, Sondra, and hope to continue cleaning with you for many years to come.

Kind regards,

Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson, A Family Company

I was a little frustrated with their response.
1st: I know how to clean and had been trying to get their new product to work for the past few weeks without any good results.
2nd: Really??? A coupon to purchase the same product that doesn't work? No thank you!

I responded again:

Dear Sara,

Thank you for the prompt response. Normally I would be happy to receive coupons for more Pledge. However, I can't use your product anymore because it doesn't work. I currently have 14 bottles of the new Pledge sitting in my storage room for my job. I am trying to figure out how to return this product because I can't use it. I know how to polish furniture and am a terrific cleaning lady - I've already wasted a couple of weeks trying to make your new Pledge work and it's costing me time and money everyday.

I am a blogger (Happy Clean Living) and have been praising Pledge furniture polish on my blog since 2009. Now I am going to have to revise my blog posts and possibly write a new post warning consumers from purchasing this new formula. I'm a small blogger, but I do get around 10,000 hits per week.

Here are a couple links to blogs I have written about Pledge in my cleaning tips.

I'm in the process of checking "mom and pop shops" trying to find the older formula. Right now my only option for furniture polish is Kleen Guard, but it doesn't leave the fabulous smell Pledge does or the shine. This has really put a damper on my work and I am really sad that you have chosen to go this route in losing customers. I normally go through a can a week in my business - that is 52 cans per year I won't be purchasing of the new formula Pledge.

Once again if I can purchase the old formula somewhere on line, I would be thrilled. But this new formula has to go.
PS: This change reminds me when SoftScrub changed their bottle and formula and it almost ruined the product. Luckily they went back to the old bottle and version. I only pray that you will be wiser and do it soon before it ruins your reputation and product.

In the meantime I have went the loop with my customer base and have been seeing the results of using the new formula. The water spots on the fixtures and shower doors have been terrible. The new Pledge has not left any protection I am used to. All the furniture looks terrible.

I had one customer call me and ask what I did or used on her beautiful wood dining room table. It looked dull and bad. I explained that I had used the new formula of Pledge. She politely asked me to find some replacement furniture polish and try that.

Last week I have been using Behold and Kleen Guard furniture polish and have been shining and protecting my customers homes. It's such a relief and a huge disappointment that Pledge doesn't work anymore. I still think the old Pledge shined and smelled better. But, I have to move forward with a product that works.

My email was escalated and I received another response:

Hi Sondra,

Thanks for following up. Your loyalty to Pledge® means a lot to us, and we're sorry it’s no longer the product of choice for your home or business. Even with the formula change to our flagship Pledge® Sprays, we’d still expect you to receive the same great cleaning results you’ve come to know and trust. Be assured your feedback has been shared with the folks who work most closely with this product.

Meantime, I’d like to share a little background about why this change was made. As a family company, we’re always looking for ways to make our products better -- for the families who use them and the environment we share. And the new, innovative, compressed gas technology we’re using is better for the environment and doesn’t include the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically associated with aerosols. We realize change can be difficult – especially when it involves a product you love – but we hope you can appreciate that these changes were made for a reason. They’re making a difference now and in the future.

Hoping to keep you in the Pledge® family, I’m sending a pack of Pledge® Wipes to your home address. They’re a great alternative to Pledge® Spray, as they’re easy to use and leave behind the shine (and fresh lemon scent) you’ve come to expect. We hope you enjoy trying them with our compliments.

Have a great weekend!

Joi P.
Senior Consumer Representative
Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson, A Family Company

This was the worst response to give me. They made the change due to environmental concerns. They thought that would make me feel better - but I am the wrong person to believe the hoax about global warming and such.

Bottom line, they have ruined their product. I don't know if this "environmental" change was due to our HUGE GOVERNMENT mandate or if Johnson company is willing to lose customers over this decision.

I urge you to contact the makers of Pledge and let them know of your experience with their new formula.

If you haven't purchased the new formula - here is my warning:

Buyer BEWARE! It doesn't work.

I've been discussing this with friends and family. We have all noticed a difference in the product and none of us have been pleased with the changes and have contacted Pledge.

Please forward on this warning to your friends and families - let them know what is going on with the new Pledge and help them avoid wasting their money.

Here is the email my niece sent Pledge and the response:
Comments: I am writing today about the pledge furniture spray. 

I use pledge mainly on my dining room table and our shower walls. This product has shined and buffed the table beautifully and repelled the water from the walls, keeping them looking nice and new. Over the last few months, I have repeated talked to my husband and daughter about making sure they were using the squeegee on the shower walls because I have notice hard water spots on them. Also, my table has a dull, lifeless look to it.

I also have noticed that the spray comes out more in a foam than the fine spray. At first, I thought that the nozzle had been broken. But now, I have put 2 and 2 together and know that this must be different than what I was using 6+ months ago. I will start using another product and competitor to get a shine on my table and to rebuff the walls of my shower.

I am very disappointed that this product does not meet my expectations and standards for a clean and 'shiny' home. 

Thank you.

Pledge Response:

Thank you for taking time to write about Pledge® Furniture Spray. While the petroleum based propellants were removed in January 2012, we still expect the product to shine, buff and protect the way you experienced in the past. Additionally, the can should spray in a fine mist. Please know, your comments are important to us, and they have reached our team.

To make this right, I mailed a refund of $4.49 to your home address. I also tucked in a complimentary coupon in hopes you'll give Pledge® another try.

Your loyalty to Pledge® is highly valued,  and we look forward to restoring your trust in the product.

Consumer Relationship Center
 SC Johnson, A Family Company

Please let Pledge® know your experience with their new formula - negative or positive - I don't care. I just think they need to hear from their customer base.
Also, please forward this to everyone you know.


Zoey said...

Added it to my facebook!

Valerie said...

I've never heard of using Pledge in the shower. I bet you have hundreds of tips I could learn from. :) I rarely use Pledge, but it sure stinks when you find something you love and they stop making it. I hate that!
And to send you a coupon is such a joke.

Leather Armchair said...

hey..!! thanks for awaring people..

well..i didn't used pledge for furniture before. can we use it on Leather Armchair..??

Valerie said...

Thanks for the heads up!
Keep us posted if you do find something that works as well or better.
And...why did I not know you had cleaning tips? (Too bad the Pledge isn't working, or they would have a new customer!)

Sondra said...

Leather Armchair, I usually just wipe the dust off leather furniture with a microfiber cloth. With leather that is dry and needs moisture, I use "Armor All" that you use in cars. It works the best for leather furniture.

Wendy said...

Have you thought of pinning this on Pintrest? You'll gets LOTS of exposure there.


The Davis Clan said...

Can you tell us how the wipes worked? Did they perform as the old formula did?

Kira =] said...

just put it on pinterest. Thanks for sharing this information. I still have an old can or two in my cleaning box, I'm going to pull them out and go to my shower walls!

Shay said...

Where do you live? I think I have an old bottle of pledge that I got for my wedding. My hubby won't let us use it in our home!

Sondra said...

Shay, I live in Idaho. I see that you live in Utah - so that won't work for me. I can't even imagine that your husband won't let you use it - wow!

Thanks everyone for pinning this and commenting. I did a blog about the wipes and left a link above if you are interested. If you find more around Meridian/Boise Idaho - let me know and I'll run over and purchase them. I was told that there are more of the old formula at Costco - if you need some - check there.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I thought I was the only one that noticed this! I first wrote to them about the new "can". It would spray upwards instead of straight out. I would over spray everything around the area I was trying to spray. Then I noticed that when I would use my cloth to shine..the cloth no longer "glided" over the furniture. It felt like I was using a watery type product that caused the cloth to catch as I wiped or a "dragging" feel. I also noticed a dull finish rather than the nice shine I used to get.

Also, what does changing from aerosol to compressed gas have to do with how the product shines? It's not how it's how it sprays out of the can that makes the product shine better. They must have changed their ingredients (or ratio of ingredients) to save money and hoped we wouldn't notice. I mean, don't they do testing on their products. Wouldn't people have noticed it was different now?

Samantha♥Fukuhina said...

"The hoax about global warming and such"
Just wow.
I'll be buying the new Pledge by the case.

Ali said...

I noticed a change in the way it sprays out of the can lately. I often buy the Wal-mart brand of Pledge, but after a couple of uses it would start to basically squirt out in a stream and I hated it. So I decided to spend more money and go back to buying Pledge. Well, to my disappointment, it does the exact same thing. It sprays on nicely for a couple of uses, they starts to spray in a stream and makes a big mess. I hate it and will not buy it again.

Esther said...

I just came across this post when I was looking for a solution to save my dining room table. I used the pledge spray on it, and my table looks horrible! You are right about how bad the new product is. Did you find a solution for removing the streaks from the furniture? I'm rubbing and rubbing, but can't get it off!!

Ken Tonks said...

Funny. I just wrote to Pledge and then found this blog. I used Pledge for years on my bar top in the basement. It's wood but has a thick polyurethane top that only Pledge would make shine like glass. I noticed the last year that it doesn't shine when I used Pledge, and I purchased several different types. You are right, the new pledge sucks. If you find a product that does work let me know!

LRae said...

Oh, how I miss the old pledge. I called and complained and they recommended the pledge wipes. Said it was the most similar to the old pledge. They even sent me a coupon to buy some wipes. But.... eh....not really. It's not the same. I'll use this pack of wipes up and then not buy the wipes again. I was hoping someone has found an alternative. I'm so unhappy about this. The old pledge was SO awesome to clean my shower and windows!

Holly said...

Was really hoping someone found a better replacement!!! The KleenGuard is hard to find around here. I too have a cleaning business and an struggling to find a new product that does a better job. I've added time to all my homes because I'm spending more time shining than I ever used to.

Marsha said...

S.C Johnson forgot to mention that when they decided to go green that they also reduced the amount in the cans. Nobody notices because the can is the same size. The commercial size went from 17.7oz down to 13.8 and the can you bought at Wal-Mart went from12.5 down to 9.8 oz. I too clean and have been having a hard time finding anything that works as well as Pledge. I have been having some luck using Endust, Swiffer dust and shine and kleen guard but they just don't compare to the shine I got with Pledge.

MARTHA said...

I clean my brother's car dealership three times a week. I kept trying different things to clean his big wooden conference table, but to no avail, until I found Behold. It works as good as Pledge, but it's hard to find here in S. Georgia. Lowe's Home Improvement and Home Depot use to carry it, but guess what? They have stopped carrying it and now have loads of Pledge product. I'm going to try Big Lots. Thanks for your post as I thought it was just me that could no longer get the furniture shiny.

Ken Tonks said...

I too lamented on this website how bad new Pledge "stinks". (I have a better word in mind) I don't want to make everyone jealous but I had an alert set for "old pledge" on ebay. 10 days ago someone had a case of 12 cans of "Old Stock" Pledge furniture polish for sale. I grabbed it for $72 with shipping and hoped it was old-old. It was! Just got it and ran downstairs to clean the bar top that hasn't shined in 3 years. Like glass! As some model once said in an old commercial, "don't hate me because I'm (my furniture is) beautiful!

Sondra Murray said...

Ken, I am so jealous that you got 12 cans of the Pledge that works. I won't hate you .... and am glad that your bar top shines!!!! You are so lucky!!!

Eyevea said...

The thing is. It's not polish any more. It's spray. I think the petroleum that was taken out is what made it polish...I don't hate the new product, but it certainly isn't like the old one simply because it's NOT polish anymore.

Sondra Murray said...

Eyevea, the thing is ... it doesn't work. It leaves streaks and doesn't shine like it used to. I purchase a bottle now and then to see if Johnson and Johnson has smartened up and fixed their polish. It is better than it was, but it's still does NOT meet my expectations of what furniture polish should do. Pledge price is a premium, yet it doesn't work as well as store brand anymore. Why should a consumer pay a premium price for a product that doesn't do it's job? You can pay that price for sub-working product but I refuse to throw my money away on a product that doesn't work. If it worked like it used to I'd pay their premium price because I LOVED OLD Pledge. Too bad they've ruined their product!!!

apple said...

What product do you recommend now? I'd really like to try it.

apple said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sondra Murray said...

Apple, here is a list of the cleaning products I currently use in my home and in my cleaning business.

Zem Karlos said...

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Diana Mock said...

SC Johnson who makes the Orange Pledge Clean and Shine makes a commercial product called Shine-up. It is similar if not the same as Clean and Shine.It has a lemon scent however.

It is available in liquid spray and aresol spray.

Sc Johnson is now Diversey and still makes the product Shine Up.

Unknown said...

Hi! I just came across your post after buying the new pledge and using it on my piano. (I didn't know it had changed formulas.). Long story short, I think my beautiful piano is now ruined. I'm completely distraught. In searching the web for answers, I came across your post.
Do you have any advice on products that might undo the pledge damage? I'm completely heartbroken by what my piano looks like now, and I'm praying it is reversible.

kingo fassholes said...

First, let me apologize for any offending words used.
I used Pledge Furniture Polish for years. Not on just furniture. My hobby is building Plastic Model Cars and such. I've bought some eBay "Junkers" in the past and thanks to the Old Formula, it saved some pretty iffy Enamel, Lacquer and, Polyurethane Paint jobs. I've used it to keep my own Paint in "Like New" condition. I've used it on our TV's, Computer's and, etc. (Not The Screens). This New Formula is CRAP.
I Emailed(?) the company describing my issue with the Streaking and got the standard Bull-Ends reply:
"Thanks for your interest in a polishing product from Pledge®. I'm happy to share, with a bit of buffing, Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray is formulated to be a polish that leaves behind a streak-free shine.
Additionally, while I know you're aware of this, we do always just want to make sure Pledge® products are used as intended. Doing so will ensure you're having only the best experience with our products.
Kind regards,
Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson, A Family Company".

The only reason (I could figure) for the Formula change is, it's cheaper to produce. They've got to cut corners because of the Lawsuit(s).
There's got to be someone producing a SIMILAR Formula under a different Brand name.
I'll keep looking.
SC Johnson will lose a lot of Loyal Customers when a viable substitute is found.


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