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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preparing for College Frustrations

I'm frustrated!

I feel like I'm unprepared for the upcoming challenges to get Brady into college.

I feel like I'm lost and falling behind of deadlines. Uuggghhhh!

The fact is, I did NOT know that you have to start planning for college when your student is a Junior in High School.

I did NOT know that the ACT and SAT test should be taken when your student is a Junior in High School.

 Brady did NOT take either of these tests as a Junior because I didn't know that he was suppose to!

Brady is starting his 2nd month into his Senior year in high school and we are sooooooo behind in getting ready for college.
Signing up to take the SAT / ACT test is a pain in the butt! It takes a good hour to actually sign up for the class with all the information they request prior to letting you get to the page to sign up for the class. A parent cannot sign your student up, it is all centered around what classes your child has taken during ALL his high school years and what his college goals and degree plans are.

We should have had the ACT / SAT scores before last summer and spent the summer filling out scholarship applications.

NOW we have to wait until we have the scores from these tests to fill out scholarship applications. Not to mention that all the applications should be filled out and sent in BEFORE January 1, 2012. Scholarships give out their money in January and if you don't get an application in before then, it is possible that all the money will be gone quickly.

We are relying heavily on scholarship money to fund Brady's college.

But, now we are so behind!! I am frustrated.

Brady is signed up to take the ACT on October 22 and SAT on November 5th. I don't know how soon the scores are sent after the test has been taken ... But, the window is closing fast to get scholarship applications filled out and sent as we wait for these scores. Argh!

The check list so far is:

September to do list:
Attend senior conference with your academic counselor.. not done.

Attend personalized planning session with career counselor.... not done

Register early for SAT/ACT/SATII .. Done!

Finalize college list (5 -7 colleges) ... Done!

Use CIS in the Career Center to explore schools and obtain applications... Planned to do on Wed Oct 12th.

Begin organizer for each college ... not done.

Photocopy applications and begin to fill out draft... not done.

Organize list of essays and outline or re-write..... not done.

Get off to a good start academically ... done!

Meet with college reps that come to campus ... Haven't met with any yet.

October's to do list:

Keep track of all application and scholarship deadlines. Hopefully we can get more information at MHS's College Career night Oct 12th.

Take ACT and or SAT ... scheduled

Work on college essays

Be sure to keep all papers neatly organized by college (have a folder for each college).

Plan college visits and interview (remember to send a thank you letter).

Attend Boise college Fair Boise Center on the Grove. I don't know when this is scheduled yet.

Start checking in Career center and online for scholarships.

Narrow college list

Begin asking teacher, employers or counselor for letters of recommendations (include in admission and scholarship applications)

Begin to send applications dependent upon early deadlines.

I can't believe how far behind we are. It's frustrating. Even more frustrating that not one soul at MHS has counseled Brady on college. I wonder if it is because he is an honor student and they think WE know what we are doing.

Due to budget cuts the school district NO LONGER sends out ANY information to parents letting them know deadlines and what we are suppose to do. It is up to US to do the work and and figure this out on our own. .

I'm very frustrated! I hope we can get these items done this month before the check list for November is upon us.


Garden of Egan said...

Good luck to you.
It is such a mess. I am surprised that his advisor or something hasn't jumped on the ball.

Zoey said...

K - so not cool that the school can't even send out an email to remind them of what you need to do.
I am very interested to find out Brady's top colleges and what he is interested in getting into.
Will he go a year to college and then do a mission???

Cherie said...

Yes there is definately alot to do.
You should check into Grant money also Sondra and see if he is elibible (just one more thing - ha ha - but it is free money!).
I know that our kids knew they wanted to go to BYU and BYU has a "college night" each year towards the end of the school year (I believe BSU does too) - they tell the kids when they need to take their tests and what they need to do to apply for school and scholarships etc...Maybe if Brady did not know which school he wanted to go to he didn't notice that.
I am sure with his wonderful grades and extra ciricular activites he will do fine.
I don't know if he is thinking of BYU but it really helps them prepare for their missions :-D

Rhonda said...

I am sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed and a big thumbs down to the school counselors for not talking to the kids about all of this their Junior year. I guess I better start getting it together for Autumn.


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