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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharon's Bridal Shower

I asked Sharon if her friends were throwing her a Bridal Shower. She said she didn't need one. I told her it would be fun to get some lingerie and fun stuff. She told me that her Maid of Honor couldn't afford to throw it or have a place to have it. I told her if they sent out the invitations (because I wouldn't know who to send it to) they could hold it at my house and I'd provide the snacks.

The Bridal Shower was held September 4th at 4:00 PM.
There was a great turn out of her friends and co-workers. It was great to meet them and celebrate Sharon becoming a bride.
These are Sharon's Maid of Honor "Alex" and Brides Maid "Tori". I've met Alex a few time, but not Tori. They were a lot of fun!

Alex planned several games. I can't believe how much I didn't know about Sharon. It's a whole other world to be the future Mother-in-law and not a friend. It was fun to hear more about her and how Jason and her got together. (Sons don't share like daughters do). I loved it!
Samaria and Alex. I got to know Samaria (spelling??) at the wedding and LOVED her. She is a great lady!
More friends who joined in the fun.
Tori and Jared. Jared came to our Thanksgiving dinner last year.
A few items of lingerie - Sharon was quite embarrassed. OK... I purchased 3 for her. They were cute and I wanted her to have a few fun things. (Anything to encourage grand babies *wink).

I think everyone else at the party was shocked that I would get her lingerie. They purchased safe items - while I went for the gusto.. (blushing).
I made WAY too much food. Watermelon, strawberries and fruit dip, Relish tray, Bean dip with chips, Scotcheroos, banana bread and zucchini bread and a white cake with white frosting coated with Cherry pie - mmm mmmm!.
Honestly I felt out of place and OLD at the shower. I think the guests had NO IDEA what a bridal shower is.

I think they only know what a Bachelorette party is. Big difference. They were unsure of how to act around me and it was kind of tense. I probably shouldn't have been there OR I wished other mothers, aunts or older women would have been there.

I have never felt as old as I did at that shower. OK ... I know ... I am OLD! LOL! (but I still feel young).
This is the game that I loved. Alex asked Jason a bunch of questions prior to the shower and they she asked Sharon what she thought the answer Jason gave. I learned a lot about the two of them. It was fun! I have to say that Sharon and Jason sure know a lot about each other - which is a great way to start a marriage.
A gift of wine and 2 wine glasses from Jordan.
A salad spinner from Tori.

I'm glad she had a Bridal Shower. Before the wedding she DID have a Bachelorette party too. Saying good bye to her single life.

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