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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Canceled Flight

We planned that Brady would fly into the Pocatello (Eastern Idaho) this week to spend extra time with family for the Thanksgiving Holiday (since I am working).  He doesn't have school all week and we thought he would have more fun spending time with cousins, then sitting around here. I will be driving up Wednesday to spend the holiday with my family.

There isn't a direct flight into Pocatello or Idaho Falls from Boise. The flight had to go through Salt Lake City and then on to Idaho Falls.

Brady was scheduled to arrived in Salt Lake City around 3pm today and was suppose to leave at 4:50pm to Idaho Falls.

The Flight was CANCELED and he is stuck in Salt Lake City. BUMMER!

Thanks goodness his father lives in Salt Lake City.

We are trying to get him out on a flight this evening to Pocatello since nothing is available into Idaho Falls.

Unfortunately it leaves at 9:50-10:45 this evening. I hope it doesn't cancel.

More hours to sit in an airport waiting for the flight. If it is canceled, at least Maurice can get him for the night. Poor little Brady!

This is such a Bummer!

Update: He made it! The flight left at 9:50 pm as scheduled... It's been a long, long day. It is hard to ask family to venture out on the terrible roads and weather to pick Brady up at the Pocatello airport. Thankfully, Cindy and Kelly will pick him up from the airport at 10:45 pm and let him stay with them tonight. They are the best!

I've been a nervous wreck all day long!! It was nice to know he would be safe in any outcome that happened.

Now, I just hope the roads are clear by the time I leave on Wednesday and that I make it to Pocatello OK and back to Boise. I hate snowy weather and icy roads! So far it looks like it will be super cold, but the storm should be over by Tuesday night through next Sunday. At least I won't be traveling in bad weather and hopefully the interstate will be cleared of snow and ice by the time I start driving.'s times like this when I wish I had a husband to lean on AND let drive - ha ha! Oh the joys of being single ;-)!


Valerie said...

Flying can be such a pain. I'm glad he doesn't have to be alone. When I was 16 I flew from home in Miami to my friend (where I used to live) in Ohio. I had to stop and switch planes in Chicago and my flight into Ohio was canceled. It was the first time flying and I was all alone. Scary! Sure hope he makes it out tonight. :)

Cherie said...

Wow I am kinda shocked that the flight was cancelled - I am assuming due to weather? Crazy - it doesn't seem that bad out there.
And how ridiculous is it that you cannot fly from Boise to Idaho Falls - good grief!
I hope Brady makes it out safely either tonight or tomorrow - Poor guy!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so sorry! That is rough.

I drove home from Utah yesterday and DID NOT love it at all. The roads and visibility were horrid.

Hope he gets to where he needs to be ASAP

Scrappy Girl said...

Bummer. I hope he gets to fly out and have fun with his cousins!

Zoey said...

I dropped off my kids at Grandma's this morning - had no idea that Brady was there. The roads are definitely bad here, but I know that they clear the interstate first. Just beware of the area by Twin that gets bad; I'm sure that you will be fine. We will pray for you!


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