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Friday, October 1, 2010

National Honor Society

On Tuesday, Brady was inducted into the National Honor Society. He decided to apply this year and be active in school with the rest of his friends. Last year he didn't want to do an extra project besides school work - which takes up most of his time anyway. But, I'm happy to say he did apply this year and was accepted (of course).

It was a nice ceremony and great to see all the great kids involved in National Honor Society. As soon as Brady received his certificate, I made him stand and get his picture taken.
 It's a little dark, but it is what it is. They held the ceremony in the cafeteria at school.

 It was quite funny because when everyone said their part about National Honor Society, they had to light the candle. First the lighter wouldn't work after the first round short candle was lit. They lit the long tapered candles off of the short candle. When they put the candles back in the holder, the candles fell over. Luckily there wasn't a fire. It was funny... We tried not to laugh - but everyone had problems.
(in the picture above she is re-lighting the candles for pictures.

 Everyone of the officers are on the cross country team - except the last one Erika.
In the picture: Kristina, Sam, Brady, Rachel and Erika

That really says a lot about what great kids are on the cross country team.

 Another picture with his certificate at the end of the ceremony. Of course they spelled his last name wrong - that happens ALL the time. Oh well....
I'm proud of Brady for participating in this great opportunity. They do LOTS of service project and have to tutor someone during the year. I hope Brady can manage his time and have a successful year. 


Zoey said...

What a weird place to hold a ceremony. Are there not very many that choose to go into this? I swear that we had at least 50 in our class, probably more. Than again, we had over 600 graduate my year. Brady will find time for the things that are important! Congrats!

Sondra said...

There were 72 new people inducted Tuesday. It's a large organization. Meridian High School is really an odd/old school. They can't hold any type of concert choir or play at the school - because there isn't a big auditorium. They have to go to the middle school for that. They only have a gym - so I guess the cafeteria was the best place - I don't know. It IS odd.

Cherie said...

Good job to Brady! Honor Society looks great on a college application too!!


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