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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Link Crew and First Day of School

Here is Brady in his Link Crew t-shirt. They had to wear this on Freshman orientation day and the first day of school.
The back view says:
Every Student....
Every Day....
Whatever it Takes!
Brady is such a silly kid - LOL! I like the pose ha ha ha!

The first day of Link training was Friday August 20th. I was up and showered before Brady got up for the morning. I thought he would be up by 7am - 7:15 am. 7:15 passed and I decided that I needed to go wake him up and get him moving for the 8:30 meeting. I told him that he needed to get up now - because we would need to leave by 8:15 to arrive by 8:30. He heard we needed to leave now so that he could be there by 7:30. I didn't know he misunderstood me. He got up and went 100 miles per hour in getting showered and dressed. Then he comes down 15 minutes later and says - "let's go so I won't be late". Then, we discussed the time he had to be there and we laughed. He was ready in 15 minutes -- It was funny.

Here is what he said on his facebook account: So I woke up at 7:17 this morning, was told I had something at 7:30, went on 150mph mode, and then figured out that it was at 8:30.

He had another training meeting on August 25 to prepare for the big Freshman orientation on Thursday August 26th.

He needed to purchase something or make something that would make his group stand out from the others. Brady wanted to get his freshman group lined glasses. We went to Zurchers and purchased these cool glasses for his team.
Thursday morning we got up at 7am to be there at 8;30 am. However, I put the wrong time down on my white board schedule for the week. He was suppose to be there at 7am to get set up. This time, we really went 100 miles per hour. I was embarrassed that I put the wrong time down.

With all of the places we have had to be the last few weeks - I have been writing out the schedule on our white board on the fridge - so it's visible and I know where we need to be. The calendar had the right time - but I transferred it wrong. I was embarrassed that I made this mistake. Oh well... it all worked out - even though he was the only one late.

This is what Brady wrote about the Freshman Orientation day:
Went to the Freshman Orientation today as a Link Leader. During the beginning, in the bleachers, there were these awful freshman who thought they were cool, didn't want to participate, were complaining, and kept talking the whole time. It was frustrating, I didn't really want to baby them. But my group of Freshman were... great, everything after that went great. Especially since Danielle's and Ammon's group merged with ours. They made it all the better.

It's sad that kids don't know the fun the are missing out on when they have to be too "cool" to participate in fun games. When they act like this - the are missing out on opportunities to bond with others and make the most of the experience and their high school years. Too bad kids don't see the whole picture. I'm glad Brady doesn't act cool - but has fun and silly times every day. I guess I'd rather be weird and have fun then cool and judgemental. Who enjoys life more??

This weekend Brady put together his school supplies for the first day of school.

This is what he wrote on facebook:  I'm working on organizing my binder for next year, and I decided I wanted a skinny binder all year, so I'm going to do the A day binder and the B day binder. Then I put my graphing calculator into the pencil bag. Suddenly, my B day binder wasn't so skinny anymore, =( so I'm going to see if I can handle having my calculator outside my binder this year.

If you can't tell - I love that he is writing in facebook now. I am trying to capture his expressions as a journal reference. I'm loving it! This way we get to know what he is really thinking and not what I think he is thinking - ha ha ha!

He had a great first day of school. Here is the run down.
1st period French. "He said - my name is Brady. What is yours" in french to me. He thinks he will like his teacher.

2nd: Chemistry AP. The teacher demonstrated how to put out a fire. He lit a torch and discussed different scenarios about the fire. Brady was surprised at how long he kept this fire going. The he asked the class how to put it out. They said, "turn off the gas"... He said, "What is the fun in that". "First you have to freak out". Brady laughed at him - I think it will be a great teacher that has found ways to capture the interest in the students. He said on Wednesday the teacher is going to light the table on fire. It might be interesting - ha ha ha

3rd: Newspaper. He organized his area. I received a full detailed information about where everything is placed in his desk area. He is the Business Manager for the Newspaper team. He made a bunch of phone calls to businesses to get support for their fundraisers and he also sets up advertising in the school newspaper to make money. He said it was a very productive day.

4th Seminary. He has a new teacher this year. The teacher had a goblet (wine glass) and broke it while discussing how the church fell apart after Jesus died. How churches took pieces of "Jesus' church" and made their own. They talked about how our church has the fullness of the gospel with Prophets and apostles. We don't have pieces but the fullness and "all the pieces" that Jesus set up when he was on the earth and it was restored back tot he earth though the Prophet Joseph Smith. The lesson made a big impact on him. Sometimes - an example from a good teacher can make you really understand a concept. He enjoyed it.
He is also the only one who plays the piano in his class. I guess that will be his calling this year. It's a great opportunity for him to play while people are singing - that is a hard thing - but he doesn't mind it.

Sounds like he had a great day. Today is "B" day and I hope everything goes just as well.


Zoey said...

Fun. I'm going to have to see his facebook status then...

Valerie said...

Sounds like a fun new year. I love the seminary teachers object lesson!!


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