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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brady is the Oreo Champion at XC Camp

Cross Country Oreo Eating Contest
Okay, so my mom wanted me to do a special post on this one, even though I think it should have been merged with the last one. For one of the team events at cross country camp, they had an Oreo eating contest. Now I didn't really want to be unhealthy and eat Oreos when I was trying to get in shape, but I was selected to be one of the representatives for my team. During this contest, they stuck four Oreos on the window, and whoever could eat them all and swallow the fastest won. Now, I'm spoiled rotten, and have been eating Oreos for my lunch at school just about every day; I had a good feeling I was going to win. It was a 2vs2vs2. First went Molly (my team) and Lela, Molly won. then Rachael and Savanna, Rachael won. Last was me and Sean, and I won. During the one with Molly and Lela, I was trying to say things to make Lela laugh, and I think it worked.

I was asking people inside who they thought was going to win when they saw me and Sean. I heard that a lot of people thought Sean was going to win because he was a little bigger then me. However, when they saw me popping off those Oreos, they began to favor me.

So, next round was 2vs1. Molly and me against Rachael. First went Molly, and she lost, sadly, but she might have worn Rachael down for me a little. Earlier that day, I hit Rachael with two water balloons in a game called Civil War. When I hit her the second time, she told me that a storm was coming, and then she reminded me of it when we were at the window, ready for our Oreos. I told her that there was no storm coming, it was overcast. She laughed and thought I had spent the whole day trying to come up with that, but I didn't, it was spur of the moment.

Hey look, there's Matt on the left hand side, the one who thought we should set the oven at 450°F. The one in the red is the other guy from NNU, Barak. The people in the middle between them from left to right are me, Rachael, Molly, and the one behind Barak is Savanna, though you can hardly see her.

So the round between me and Rachael was probably the most exciting. It was do or die. We were popping of our Oreos head to head. With me leading by a fraction of a second.

Once we packed them all in our mouth like a game of Chubby Bunny, it was then whoever could chew and swallow the fastest. At one part, instead of chewing normal, where your cheeks push the food toward your teeth, and started just chomping for speed Nutcracker style.

We knew it could have been any ones game, and we were trying to take the spot light from one another, and I was trying to hold down a smile.

However, chewing food takes some concentration when you're trying to beat someone.

I had two big swallows and then one half their sizes, and opened my mouth to show Matt my empty blackened mouth. When he said I was the winner, I began to jump up and down because I couldn't hold the excitement in. It was pretty close. Rachael opened her mouth a little less then a second after I opened mine.

(This is probably Rachael beating Savanna)
Rachael told me I was right, it was just overcast. I had WON the Oreo eating champion title.


Valerie said...

Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun!! Kinda gross, but I'm sure it made great memories.

Zoey said...

Fun! What fun he has!


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