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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Review: "The Dickens Inn Series"

I finished reading the new series out by Anita Stansfield called "The Dickens Inn Series". I really enjoyed this series. I have always been a huge Anita Stansfield fan. Lots of people don't like her - but I think it has to do with them trying out a book without reading the whole series that starts with "First Love and Forever". You start loving the characters that are through the whole series - intermingled with new people and new challenges they go through.

It seems like such a long time since I enjoyed reading an LDS novel. I've missed the inspiration and gospel messages from reading non-LDS books. It was completely refreshing to have good people live by gospel principles with encouragement that I can do better in my living gospel principles. I was inspired and I loved reading every page.

This series has it's own challenges ..... challenges associated with Post Traumatic Stress syndrome, from fighting in a war, to being an FBI agent. But of course, there is a love story within the books and healing.

I loved the series and can't wait until book 4 comes out. Here are the books and what it says on the back cover.
“I want to be with you, but I have to make sure I’m in a position to give you what you deserve, and I’m not sure I’m the man to do that.” Chas put a hand over her mouth to hold back her emotion, glad that he couldn’t see the tears rolling down her face. . . . “I need time Chas, because if I’m going to commit my life to you, I don’t want it to ever go bad. I would rather have you love me in memory than come to hate me because I couldn’t give you what you deserve.”

A sprawling Montana setting; a charming bed-and-breakfast inn brimming with Dickensian decor; a beautiful and deeply spiritual innkeeper with secret sorrows from her past; a “Granny” who is as delightful as she is wise; and a handsome guest whose lifestyle and past are both troubled and troubling — these are the elements of a captivating novel of romance and intrigue.

With characters that are vital and vulnerable, and a plot that is wholly unpredictable, this story is a journey of choices and amazing opportunities.

Once again, Anita Stansfield proves her versatility as a storyteller extraordinaire in this novel that is an ingenious blend of romance, mystery, and Dickensian charm. The Best of Times will prove to be a favorite in the best Stansfield tradition.
Jackson didn't know how long it was before he finally realized that he was in the hospital, and it was Dr. Callahan on the floor with him, trying to talk some sense into him. Once the realization hit him, he struggled to bring himself back to reality while his breathing and heart rate remained shallow and fast for more minutes than he could. . . He felt more afraid than he'd dared to admit. . .

Their lives have all the ingredients for “happily-ever-after” until a traumatic and life-changing even in Jackson's life plunges his family into chaos and sorrow. His mother's unexpected death hurtles him toward a painful pilgrimage into a past that collides with the anguish of the present and threatens to destroy his family's future.
As past medical heartaches and fears resurface, Chas and Jackson agonize over the chances of survival for their baby daughter. At a time in their lives when the blessings of the gospel are so abundant, can their faith withstand this trial that looms on their otherwise happy horizon? Do they dare hope for a miracle?

At the same time, Jackson receives a call from a former FBI colleague who would like to hide a woman in the witness protection program with them in the Dickens Inn. Although Jackson and Chas agree to let her stay, when the woman arrives they realize she is hiding something.

Soon lives are in danger, and the stakes are high. Has trust come at too great a price? With tragedies hurtling toward them, Chas and Jackson will need all the help they can get from friends, family, the medical profession — and most especially from God.

In A Loving Heart, the newest volume in her Dickensian bed-and- breakfast series, bestselling LDS author Anita Stansfield delivers a captivating story filled with breathtaking twists and turns of events that are emotionally compelling, spiritually moving, and utterly satisfying.

Book 4 (below) hasn't been released yet, but I'm excited to read it when it comes out.

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Valerie said...

Great review. I'm an Anita Stansfield fan too. I just got the first book in this series for my birthday, but haven't read it yet.


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