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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Floating The Boise River

We have lived in Boise for 12 years and have never floated the Boise River. Every summer I hear how much fun it is, but never knew how to do it. Jason went last year with some friends and told me we needed to do it as a family. For his birthday this weekend, we purchased a boat and oars and headed out to enjoy the Boise river on the hot, hot day.

It was awesome. Our boat was a little small for all of us, but we made it work. We need to purchase another one to accommodate all of our family for the next trip. It was a lazy afternoon, enjoying all the beautiful trees that surround the river and the cool water. It was relaxing and peaceful. Most of all it is being with my children that made it wonderful!

Thanks Jason for the nudge to get our family together and enjoy the beautiful Boise River. I'm ready to go again!


Laura Lynn said...

Ah, it looks so refreshing and cool! I miss the heat of the West and could do without the humidity here.

Connie said...

Such fun memories of floating the Boise River with my family. We had foreign exchange students for 4 summers in a row and every year we'd take them on the river. Much safer than tackling the Payette River and much cheaper too!
Glad you went.

Rhonda said...

We used to do this all the time before we moved. It was a blast I loved it.

Garden of Egan said...

That looks so fun!

Zoey said...

Fun! It sounds like you had a good time.


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