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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brady's Spring Break Party

Guest Post - written by Brady. It's taken me a long time to get him to write it (Spring Break in March 2010)

A while back, one of my friends Danielle Miller had a movie night at her house, so I went, had a blast, and my mom asked why we didn't do any fun parties like she did. So, she told me that I should go tell my friends to have a movie night at our house. I set a date and time, printed out some fliers, and had them distributed to my friends during school.

The party was some time during spring break, and many of my friends had already made other plans, but I was able to get 5 to join in. Sara, Ammon, Kylynn, Amber, and Tom. I didn't really know what else we should have done because it was pretty much the first party I had hosted. At Danielle's party, the movie wasn't enough entertainment, and we all had breaks in between and during the movies to go outside and play some games to get our energy out. I asked Kylynn what I should do during the party, and she told me to do sleeping bag wars. Amber then later told me that she was mad because she was going to have sleeping bag wars at her party, oh well.

It was weird to see the first people show up. I saw a long white van pull in front of our house. I knew in the back of my mind, with out a doubt that it would be one of my friends. It was the right time, we were set up, and I was starting to wait for some people to show up. I didn't hear a knock on the door, so I thought that they were wondering if this was the right house, so I opened up the door, I stepped out, and waved. Then my eyes saw through a dimly tinted window into the passenger seat, and it was someone I didn't know. I awkwardly stepped back inside, and closed the door. A few minutes later, the van sat in front of our house. I was beginning to wonder who they were and what they were doing. Then Kylynn and Amber emerged from the van. Relieved, I opened the door back up and waved again to my friends. Apparently what had happened was that the driver was Kaylyn's dad, and he was giving them "a talk" because they were worried that I was a bad person. On the invitation, I told them they could bring snacks and drinks (non alcoholic of course). Apparently the dad freaked out and was asking her, "Is he expecting people to bring alcohol", "How can I trust him if I don't know him", "What are you going to do if they do serve alcohol or do naughty things?" that sort of jazz.

Well, when all the guests arrived, I told them where the snacks were. Each one of them stood a little motionless looking at the banquet, like they had just won the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Then we watched a few movies: G.I. Joe, and Taken. Some of the girls wanted to watch Twilight or New Moon, and I was a little surprised when Kylynn, the goody Mormon whose dad gave her and Amber a "talk" supported the idea of watching taken.

When it was dark, we went out to the park across the street that the Boys and Girls Club used to use. With us, we brought our sleeping bags, and lots of energy. The sleeping bag wars were on. I was new to the game, so Kylynn and Amber took over the instructions on what we were to do. Three people dueled each other with sleeping bags over their heads (So the head is where the feet should be and vise versa) and the other three were watching, keeping the duelers in bounds, out of the street, and directed lost sheep towards the battle. My choice in shoes was not a smart idea; my dark olive DC shoes, aka my comfy shoes. They were very loose, and were falling off. During my break, I decided to go bear foot, but it was super cold outside, and my feet didn't like the feeling, so I took my shoes off and kept my socks on. (The next day my mom held up a pair of socks with the bottoms completely soiled and yelled at me.) It was a pretty even fight, I think Amber won most of them because she was a pro. However, those sleeping bags were really hot, and when your running around, you start breathing really hard, so you need to take some oxygen breaks. At the end of the round, everyone is pretty sweaty and stinky.

I think the boys got hyped up on some soda and goodies in the kitchen as well.

It was pretty fun. The best part of it was watching Ammon freak out over how intense the movies were; he would be sitting on the edge of the couch with his fist over his open mouth, eyes wide open, and making comments like, "Oh my gosh! This is so intense" or "Wow." All in all, everyone had a good time, no one got seriously injured (although my back was hurting a large chunk of the rest of the week) nothing got broken, our house wasn't trashed beyond repair, and everyone got home safely and made all the other fuddy duddies sad that they missed out. (Oh ya, I said fuddy duddies)

The End

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Garden of Egan said...

Brady you are one "hyped" up guy!


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