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Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Storage Organization

Food storage has always been a part of my life. My parents did it and I've always tried to do it as an adult. A year ago I posted a blog about my food storage, you can find it here. My food storage is in a room under my stair case that I have converted into a food storage area. It's enough room for my little family of "2" - but really "4" when Jason and Sharon will come during an emergency. I do what I can with the space that I have.

I my previous post, the cans were just stacked on the shelf. Every time I purchased new, I would unload the shelf and put the new on the bottom or back of the shelf. It was always quite the job when I replenished my food storage items.

Well..... I've found a product to help me rotate my food without all that hassle. It's from a company called the "Can Organizer". I've look around at those plastic pop can rotators and they were $6 each - too much money. I've looked at Shelf Reliance units - but they cost a ton of money too in the $300 dollar range. I haven't been willing to spend that kind of money. When I looked at these boxes from the Can Organizer and the price, I knew I wanted to try it out.  

I love it! For $80 I purchased 20 boxes.
It has made my food storage look beautiful!! Plus, the added benefit of easy organization and rotation. I love them!
Also, my preference for my food storage is that I don't purchase #10 cans full of product. I've done that in the past and what happens is that I feel too guilty to open and use those #10 cans - and it goes bad or the food starts to taste like the can. For me personally, I quit using #10 can and switched to PETE plastic jars. You can see them on the top shelf. They are 3 jars deep and easier for me to use and rotate - plus guilt free in using my food in these PETE jars verses #10 cans that you can't re-use.

As a side note, I purchase PETE Jars a few at a time. That way I could afford the cost - instead of all at once for a huge cost. Just like purchasing food storage.
When I changed my food storage room with the new boxes, I did not adjust the selves to fit the boxes. There are gaps between the boxes - which I have just stacked odds and ends food in between the boxes. It works out great for me.
The length of the boxes are longer then my shelves are... You can see it here. I knew that when I purchased them (the longer ones) and thought it would be fine to have them over lap the shelves. I do like it and am glad I purchased the bigger ones that hold:
13 Pie filling

16 Vegetable

18 Soup

39 Tuna

They hold a lot of food and are much more space friendly then just stacking cans on a shelf.
My flour, sugar, wheat are stored in these big PETE jars (I store my wheat on the top of my clothes closet shelf). I love them and they have worked better in preserving the taste and quality of my food then #10 cans. I do have my powdered milk in #10 cans. When I open a can, I move the contents to a PETE jar - to keep it fresh after opening.

The totes on the bottom of the shelf - on the floor - hold pasta, jello, powdered sugar, brown sugar in their original packaging until I am ready to open or use. (I learned this from Ann Marie). It is a great storage trick that also protects the food.
On my door I have pouches of gravy and sauce mixes - plus storage bags.

I love looking into my food storage room now - it is very organized and looks great. Yeah for these great products that people develop... I'm loving it!


Ann Marie said...

Wow! It looks great down there!
I bet you sleep good! :)

I think those Peta jars are a good idea. I may have to get a few and try them. -- I also like that you can see the product. :)

Love the can rotaters!
Good job with your storage!

Scrappy Girl said...

Everything looks SO wonderful!

Garden of Egan said...

Those are great tips.
Love the food storage room.

Kimmie said...

YAY!! I love seeing storage rooms. I have never heard of the Peta Jars, or ever seen them. I will have to check into those.

I love your clever use of a shoe orgnanizer (at least that what's it look like) to organize your mixes and storage bags.

Your room is beautiful and it is amazing with the right tools and organization how you can fit alot into a small space.

I love that you didn't let a small space stop you. You embraced it and made it work! You truly inspire people!

Hope you have a happy Weekend!

Cherie said...

Glad you found somthing that worked well in your space!

Michelle said...

thanks for sharing! my food storage is all over the house since we have storage for 8 & live in a small house (under beds & in every nook & cranny).

when we build, I am going to have a bedroom-sized room for food storage so I can be more organized & have it all in 1 room :D

Zoey said...

So fun! I have been working to increase the storage. For me though, I have canned food, cereal, and 5 lb. buckets with twisty lids. It's working well, and I am adding every week to storage that I know we will one day use.

Nonna Beach said...

Such great storage ideas that aren't as pricey as Shelf Reliance and just my style. Thank you so much !

I love the PETE jars !

When I was our Provident Living Coordinator in our ward, the ladies at the Cannery were pushing to get the word out about using the PETE jars when we open those #10 cans and toss the cans. They also told me recently that if you don't use the products fast enough in regular PETE jars ( without the seals ) to put fresh oxygen pack in every so often and the your product will stay fresher longer !

Valerie said...

You should be very proud! It looks great. Thanks for sharing the pictures and motivating me.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Could I get more info on the Pete jars and the can organizers?

Crazy Mrs. Laney said...

I too have been working on my food storage ( it doesn't look anything like yours! ) But I would love for one day it be just like it! I have discovered couponing and that has helped stock mine up!
I am going to use some of your ideas and tricks for keeping food fresh! :)


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