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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Tuesday Brady had is monthly Seminary Devotional. It's nice to see what we did January 2009, because we did the same thing this year. Here is a link to the devotional 2009.
Basically this is the wrapper for the candy bar and the book mark.
This is what Brady said:
During the moth of January, we celebrate a new year, and most of us, if not all, make resolutions to help better ourselves for the rest of the upcoming year. Following Jesus' example as he was growing up can help us improve our resolutions.

In the New Testament, it says in Luke 2:52 "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man" In other words, the savior increased intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Following Jesus' example in developing intellectually, we can make goals to read good books, and try harder to get a good education. We could refrain from watching movies and television shows that have questionable content. In D&C 88:118 "Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom"

Following Jesus' example in developing physically, we can follow the Words of Wisdom by eating healthy, and refraining from drugs and alcohol, or addictive stimulants. Its also good to get plenty of sleep and exercise.

To increase socially this year, we can choose friends with high standards, and be more attentive listeners, and allow other people to feel more associated in the conversation.

Lastly, resolving to grow spiritually this year. This year, make it your goal to read the Book of Mormon faithfully, and pour out your heart to Heavenly Father during your prayers.

I know that if we can do these things, we will become happier, and more Christ like every day.

Our ward sustained a new Primary Presidency on Jaunary 10th. I'm excited for these wonderful women. As a side note, I was Primary President 2005 - 2008 August. Karen Deitchler was August 2008 to January 2010. Now Christine Browne, Stephanie Lange, Terresa Henrie and Lucy Bennion have been called and sustained as the new Primary Presidency. I love each of these women and know they will do a fantastic job.

Since they are new and Sister Browne is in the middle of wedding preparations for her daughter, they asked me if I would put the Baptism Preview Fireside together. Of course I would love to do it. This is my class and my favorite part of Primary - Baptism.

It is scheduled for this Sunday because Lauren turns 8 on the 28th.  I was able to get the invitations out - here is a great site for all you need to know and do for the Baptism Preview. The Idea Door Baptism bookmark. I will blog about the preview next week. I'm excited, but it will be a busy week getting everything prepared.

Have a great Thursday!


Ann Marie said...

I am so excited for VD too!
We'll see what it brings!

You should really watch 24.
It is awesome! A thrill ride.. and it has made me aware of how corrupt the government is. I know it's just a TV show.. but it opened my eyes.. and I see many similarities in things happening in the real life.
To bad their isn't a real Jack Bauer.
Anyways.. you can go back and rent the seasons. Stephen is in last season and this season.. I was surprised.. since he's on VD.. but he is cute as ever on 24 as well.

I am THRILLED about Mass.. but I hear they are trying to pass the health care bill through before he takes a seat.
See what I mean? Corrupt?
Money and sneaky politicians are in our own government.

I always love to see Brady's devotionals.
The presidency were smart to ask for your help.. evrything you do is AWESOME. Goodluck!

Zoey said...

If you need help with your preview, we just put ours on January 3rd. It went well. One thing that we do is have a child who was baptized the year before tell about their experience and share their testimony. It's 2 minutes, but the kids really listen to their peers.


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