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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving day for Jason and Sharon

About a month ago Jason and Sharon came to me and asked if they could live here after their current lease ended. They needed to save money in order to put down a deposit and rent on a new place. I thought about it and decided it would be better if I just helped them get into a new apartment. They went forward and found a cute one bedroom apartment near Cole and Fairview.
Moving day was approaching and they needed to rent a truck. They came over and booked the truck on my computer with my credit card. As they rented the truck we discussed when they would pick it up, where it was located and what time I would be available. They had the day off, but I had to work. I told them I wouldn't be ready until 12 noon - maybe 11:30 if I hurried. I asked them if they wanted me to call them when I had almost finished vacuuming the house. Jason said he would just be there waiting for me. I shook my head and said OK... I'll be there as soon as I could.

Monday came and I went to work. While I was vacuuming, I had a prompting to go get my cell phone out of the car. However, I didn't listen to that prompting and just kept hurrying to be done. I finished at 12 noon like I thought ..... I loaded the car and checked my cell phone...

18 calls and 3 voice messages .... LOL!! They were totally freaking out (this comes from not acting upon a prompting). I called them back and told them I was on my way.

Of course they didn't listen to me as we discussed the time I would be available AND I didn't have my cell phone on me -- so (of course) it was my fault. Isn't it always the mother fault for everything?
The truck was rented (after getting lung cancer by standing in their shop - eewwwww). I asked if they needed my help to move and Jason assured me they could do it. We then parted ways.

I checked on them later in the day and they had to make a second load - but it was going smoothly.

Then about 8:30 pm after I had returned from cleaning the business I clean .... Brady and I had just sat down to watch G.I. Joe and the telephone rang. It was Jason - a VERY frustrated Jason.

They could not get the drying to go through the doorway to the laundry room. What??

They wanted me to come over. I didn't want to - I just got home from work and wanted to relax. I asked if it could wait until tomorrow. The frustration level was really high after working hard all day moving and they couldn't figure out how to get that darn dryer into the room.

I knew I had to put on the DAD hat and head on over.
The problem was the vent connection on the back of the dryer that was preventing it to go through the door - can you believe it? I tried to move it several ways and it was NOT going to get through the door. We decided the only way it would get through the door is to trim it down about an inch. We needed a hack saw. I didn't want to run all the way home and back again so I headed to some near by stores. It was after 9PM and most were closed like Home Depot... Shopko didn't have one (can you believe it?) There wasn't anything I could do that night and so we left it in the hallway.

The next day Jason was able to trim it and get it through the door - Yeah!

Then the connecting hose was not long enough to work - so they had to go purchase another one. Boy that dryer was a pain!!! But, it is in and now they can laugh about it.

The apartment is cute. I'm glad they are in their new place and it is closer to our home and their work.... and double glad they are not moved in with me *grin..

Moral: I am always wrong
Always act upon a prompting
My children don't listen me when I speak
AND moving isn't very fun....I hope next time it's when they purchase a house and they won't have to do it again.


The Garden of Egan said...

Sorry!!!!!! What frustration! However, your moral is wrong not you. You are NOT wrong and sorry but it's not your fault that they had a tough time moving.
Totally love you!

Ann Marie said...

Mom to the rescue!

Knowing how much I still need and want my parents.. I am grateful you came to their rescue! You are so giving and nice.. and I think it says alot about a person when you do things you don't want to for those you love. It's called SACRIFICE.

Fun that you are "skilled" in so many levels. Glad you were able to help them.

Connie said...

It doesn't matter how old they are, they depend on Mom to help out. Love the story and could feel the frustration on everyone's part!

Scrappy Girl said...

Moving fun at all. When we moved into this home I told Dr. Hubby I hoped it was the home our grandchildren came to visit us in! LOL!

Small House said...

YOU GO MOM!! I've decided that it's always the moms fault. OH WELL....Just like you, I'll always be there for them. are a SUPER MOM!! WOW!!
I would have looked at the dryer and threw my arms up in the air. Lucky kids to have you!!!

Have a great day.

Creative Mish said...

I think we've all had these moving stories! What an adventure! Funny how "Mom" is wrong until they need us again... which seems to be often

kado! said...

and just another reason i HATE moving!!!!

real estate Richmond BC said...

Sound pretty frustrating, really. Moving itself is really difficult.And yeah, parents usually end up responsible for everything - it's just the way it goes.



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