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Monday, November 23, 2009

Motivational Monday - Thankful For My Family

Sometimes, not often enough,
We reflect upon the good things
And those thoughts always center
Around those we love.

And I think about those people ---
Who mean so much to me ---

....and for years
Have made me so very happy.

And I count the times I have forgotten
To say

And just how much I love them.


The Garden of Egan said...

That was sweet!
I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving week and that you are able to get it all done.

Ann Marie said...

I love when you show old photos!
That one of you and your brother is precious!!

Happy Family week! I hope it is lovely!!

PS: Chad and I FINALLY watched Vampire Diaries last night.. and thursday's episode was HAWT!!!

More exciting and captivating than NM I might add... :)

That Stephen and Damon *sigh*

Scrappy Girl said...

I love your scrappy are very talented.

Thank you so much for the sweet gift. I love it and can't wait to listen next time I make it to the scrappy schoolhouse!

We were pulling out of the driveway and I saw it hanging from our mailbox. I teared up when I read the card. Your friendship is very special to me.

Thanks meant alot for you to think of me.

Scrappy Girl said...

Oh yeah...I look forward to surprising you now! {insert evil laugh here}

Cherie said...

It's good to love your family!
Very Sweet and so are you!

Creative Mish said...

Great Scrap pages. I love looking at old family photo's! Great fun!

Connie said...

I love the Carpenters and I love that song. Great pictures and reminder to say thanks and express love to our family and dear friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sondra said...

Connie, I had no idea that this was a Carpenter song. I found it in one of my books with no author. I just listened to it online. I love the Carpenters. Thanks for letting me know it is a song.

Zoey said...

Love the pictures and scrapbook pages!


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