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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spooktacular Decorations!

I FINALLY put up my Halloween decorations. I know you are shocked. Of course I am the decorating queen for every holiday, but this year I postponed putting up my decorations until after Lawrence's (AKA Larry) visit. This past Saturday while Brady was in Bend Oregon for a cross country meet I decided to pull out my many totes with Halloween decorations and get them put up.

Every time I start to unload a tote, I can't believe how many things I have. I get a little overboard on holiday decorations - it's my weakness.

Here are the scary spiders that adorn the fireplace rock. Oh how I wish I had a mantel - but alas, I don't yet.... but one day I will and then I can decorate that too! Until then - it is just a scary spider ridden view. I opted not to have spider webbing since I have started to build fires in this cold fall season.
My wicked witch hangs on my living room wall.
This is a view of my living room coffee table. I love my new furniture and color on the walls. Everything looks so warm and inviting!
Here is a close up to my Halloween ghouls.
And a close up of my favorite witch!
My piano scarecrows and fall flowers. (not to mention that beautiful flash in the picture-LOL)
My Kitchen:
This is on top of my fridge.
On top of the microwave.
Kitchen table and window.
A close up to my witch in the window and her cat... I am a very witchy house..
My Bathroom...
It all starts with some bats.
Behind the sink.

Don't you love the feather haired witches... Love them!! - here is a close up!
Click here for our outside decorations from last year and it looks pretty much the same this year.


Connie said...

There's no way I could take a picture of the top of my fridge. I don't get that cleaned off very often! Cute decorations. I love the feather haired witches!
It looks like you're ready, inside and out!

Scrappy Girl said...

I have been looking forward to this post! I knew it would be coming soon. I love all your decorations! I think if I had to pick a fave it would be those adorable bats on the shelf. I would have to give them names!

Camille said...

Oh I love your Halloween decorations!! Especially the witches - and the spiders on the wall! :) Happy Halloween!

The Garden of Egan said...

You decorate the bathroom....????? Wow, you really do have issues. I must send you some medication immediately! Just kidding! That is darling! I love the fridge deco, so cute.
You are amazing.

Ann Marie said...

Your right! Your house with the new couch and colors looks warm and inviting!

Fun and darling decorations! I love the witches on the microwave.. they are soo cute!

The spiders in the rocks look pretty real...

Valerie said...

How fun! They look great. I hardly have any decorations and can't find most of them right now. I'll have to go back down to the basement with a search party soon.

Cherie said...

I feel a CacKlE coming on!! Ha ha
Lovin' all your decor!! :DD

Small House said...

SO CUTE-cute-cute! You're right your house is warm! I remember when you painted it and got new furniture and you posted it, and I loved it then. It makes your Halloween decor look great.

You've got a lot of witches....and they are Witchingly WONDERFUL!

Bobbi Jo said...

The decorations are great! I think it is great how you placed the spiders. Too cute!
Loving the look on your blog very festive. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

classicstudio said...

Your Web. is nice and good !!! I like it very much!

Scrappy Girl said...

Hey you might want to check out Shauna's Trying To Stay Calm if you haven't already...congratulations! BTW...I posted my Halloween decor today!

Zoey said...

So much fun! I need to put up stuff here too. Maybe today is the day!

Kimmie said...

WOW! Great holiday decor and I just love your spiders!

I actually used to help a lady decorate every room for Halloween and then November we decorated every room in her house for Christmas.

I bet the Halloween spirit is SO fun at your house as all of your rooms have holiday cheer!

It's such a fun PEEK to see the fun and creative things that others do. Hope you are having a happy and healthy week!


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