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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brady's District Race, the last race of the season....

Last Friday Brady ran his last race for this years Cross Country season. It is really sad to see the season end. I enjoyed every moment of this season .... every year is gets better and better. Plus, Brady gets faster and faster - which is awesome.

Thursday night they had the last spaghetti feed. Usually we are in charge of bringing a salad and french bread as a sophomore, but this time the team made a special request for Brady to bring my homemade cookies... wasn't that fun to have a request from the team. I have them soooo fooled that I am this great cook... ;-D... Anyway, we made the chocolate chip cookies and I made sugar cookies with spiders and spiderwebs that I blogged last year here:
Brady is such a silly kid ... look at that face. They are waiting for the race to begin. I thought the boy at the front with a foot/leg in his hands was interesting... To bad I don't know what he was doing... I was only focused on Brady (of course).
This is a shot across the pond at the runners in the fall weather... trees bare of their leaves. It was an overcast cool day.

Brady ran soooooo fast this race. Best time ever!!! 20 minutes 5 seconds... Woo Hoo!!!!!! This is Coach Rusty's remarks from the team website.

"Brady also had one of the best races of the day with a 50 second lifetime PR and an incredible race. Get hungry for next year... awesome cookies as well. "

I laughed at the cookie remark. .... But, it is very exciting that he did sooo well!!!

The best part is that our Varsity Girls and Boys get to go to state. This is the first time in 7 years that our boys have gone to state!! It all comes down to our awesome Coach Rusty... In 2 years he has really built and conditioned these great runners. We are blessed to have him!
After an incredible race -- he needs water.... lots of water!!
Really mom, a picture while I am all sweaty?? Seriously.... :-D
Brady had this on his wrist????? What???? Then he pulls me over to a fellow teammate.
Whale and Barnacle??? What does that mean?

Ooooh... barnacles stick to a whale and Brady was the whale and the teammate needed to stick by Brady and push himself. It was nice that Brady was a leader and helper.
I don't know the teammates name - I'll have to update it later. Very cute motivation!
This is Jake and Brady. Jake is in our ward. Brady and Jake run at about the same level. As they ran by me I would yell "Brady to pass Jake". I think it helps to have someone around you that you want to beat. I am sure this helped Brady have the best race of his life - trying to beat Jake and Jake was trying to beat Brady. Brady pulled ahead and beat Jake - Yeah!
Brady is the only Y/M or Y/W from our ward that goes to a different high school... We are sorta like the members from the "Mission field" and far away from the close knit atmosphere in our ward.

It's fun when we run against each other and I can visit with other Mom's from our ward. Plus, when they have a spaghetti feed they do it together - vs me doing it all by myself.

In a way it's kinda sad that we don't fit into our ward's school boundaries and feel that much more away from the core of our ward... Oh well.... what can you do? It's all good.

I enjoyed the race and celebrating Brady's successes over the season. We have a banquet in November which is always lots of fun to end the season and share the successes with our coaches. I love cross country! Go Warriors!!


Janice said...

Wow, look first comment. What a great way to end the season. Congrats on going to state. How fun for the team. Great memories and hard work these boys are learning.
Have a great night!!

Connie said...

I think you are an awesome mom! That's quite the compliment to have the team want your cookies! Good for Brady on his best race of the season! I'm sure it's hard to have the season end and maybe a bit of a relief?
Great pictures of the runners and the fall trees.

The Garden of Egan said...

Congrats to Brady! AND you are an awesome mom. I had to check out your Halloween cookies and I guess I know what I am going to be doing on Friday with ALL six of my grandkids here and ALL of my kids here! So excited. Thanks for the awesome ideas.
I learn from you everytime I visit your blog!

Cherie said...

I LOVE IT that the team requested your cookies!! You go girl!!
Taylor also told me you won a Spaghetti Feed Trophy too for the best feed - that is so cool!!

Brady had an awesome race!!!! I think it does help to have someone you are trying to beat - hee hee.

This has been such a great season. Taylor has already been walking around saying "I am so sad Cross Country is over". The coach really made the team and the sport extra fun for the everyone.

And next year we will not have to carpool because they will be able to drive themselves. We can just enjoy race days!!!

Ann Marie said...

Good job for Brady and Taylor!
You and Cherie should be proud!!

I am not surprised they are requesting your cookies.. You may be humble.. but your a good cook!


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