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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Roof is Repaired

Last week during a wind storm, I lost several shingles off of my roof. You can see the black line on the roof - that is where all of the shingles were blown off.

I have to say that I HATE having repairs. It seems like I have a huge sign on my forehead that screams "Helpless single woman - make sure you try to rip me off!". Every time I get a repair, the repairman tells me how doom and gloom things are. Then they proceed to tell me that I need this huge repair cost to be up to code or that we are all going to die because of this. I hate this rip off age. I just want a fix - like a husband would do... not a whole remodel / fix it / up to the latest code fix. Plus, I think the new frame of mind is to get as much money as you can out of every little fix.

When I find a good repair man who doesn't rip me off - they are are on my list forever. Usually I come across them accidentally and my most favorite repairmen are those who are retired and who have a good work ethic and are not out to rip me off.

Unfortunately, I have had many shingles blown off this side of my roof. I've had several repairs. They always tell me the doom and gloom of it all - that I need to re-shingle my whole roof for $3000+ dollars and I need to do it now. They tell me they can't match the shingle color and so it's better to just replace it all. It's always some big sad story. Luckily I've had extra shingles and was able to have those particular repairmen just fix the missing shingles.

Then I came across a wonderful retire man, Mel Wirz and the name of his company is Absolute Best. He is honest and does a great job. That is what I want "honesty and integrity". Mel came yesterday to fix my roof. Yeah!! It's repaired! There were no doom and gloom stories, just honest labor and my roof fixed. He even had the shingles - which is good because I don't have anymore. And the shingles match - imagine that!!

If you live in the Boise area and are in need of an honest man to fix any shingles you may have lost in a wind storm - he is the man to call. His number is 208-283-2932.

The cost for this repair was $100. By far the cheapest repair to date that I've had to replace blown off shingles.


Cherie said...

You are not the only one with the repair bills! It stinks! When I had my yucky week where everything went wrong last week I also had shingles blow off that resulted in water leaking into my kitchen through the ceiling light fixture. I may need to call Mel for indoor repairs! So glad you found someone honest and reliable - thanks for sharing the info.

On a side note the transmission in my car went Kaput 2 days ago and it is now being replaced - UGH!! I hate repairs too!!!

Glad you got your roof fixed - it looks great!

T. L. C. said...

Wo, that is a deal! ! ! We had this happen a few years back with a huge storm and had a hard time as well of not being ripped off. Us, like you, were single women trying to find someone honest.

I think we ended up with someone from our ward coming and doing the job and we just bought the material.

Ann Marie said...

I'm so glad you found Mel!
We had such beautiful 60 degree weather yesterday.. Today we are in a wind storm that is supposed to bring snow the next few days...

It's weather like this that makes me want to live in AZ. :)

I hope your weather is good up there.. That you don't lose anymore shingles!!

Zoey said...

WOW! I am so glad that you got that fixed. We loose singles consistently, but right now, we are just trying to fix our bathroom. I love your "single mom" stuff in quotations. You are just so funny and know how to make me smile!

Sondra said...

Holy smokes Cherie - You did have a pretty bad week.

I've had two transmissions that have gone out. One was on a really cute car I had - a mistique... which I chose NOT to repair and junked it. Unfortunately the transmission went out about 2 months after putting in repairs that cost $1300.

Last year the transmission went out on my work car shortly after I purchased it - used of course. But my mechanic who is sooooo very good to me - put in a used transmission for $450.

I hope everything works out for you!

Thanks everyone for commenting! I love to get comments!

Cherie said...

Sorry Sondra I didn't mean to go off on all my repairs - LOL.

I re-read my comment just now and I sound like a raving lunatic!

I guess it is all just too fresh - a little distance will help. I got my car back today so all is good :D

wendy said...

Oooooo. that kind of thing makes me so mad. Why can't eveyone be more honest and help us with what we only want and can afford. I am glad you found someone. Nice to visit your blog --I am the one your sending the spring surprise too.

Raymonde Birch said...

Glad to hear that you found a kind and honest repairman. Your roof looks better and even stronger. What material did you have on your old roof, and what did you replace it with? By the way, how are your shingles now? I hope they’re not getting blown away by the storm anymore. :)

Raymonde Birch

Becky Steele said...

The common denominator in roofing is that several layers work together as a system, and if you don’t pay attention to one single problem, it might cost you a lot. I hope you can have someone to check your roof regularly so that you won’t have to worry about the “gloom-and-doom” story.

Becky Steele


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