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Friday, April 3, 2009

More Easter Decorations - inside my home.

My last post on my Easter decorations is of the many decorations inside my home. Of course I have the Easter village posted previously in my living room.
Bunnies, chicks and spring flowers are on top of my piano.
Musical stuffed Easter animals are on the couches to play with. It's fun to watch Brady still make the quacking hand puppet sing his nursery rhymes or the duck to quack, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail". There are also finger puppets, a lamb, bunny and squirrel. These were a huge hit when my children were little and will be fun when I have grand kids.

On the coffee table is a bunny family. Dad is driving off to work, mom and children are growing beautiful spring flowers. The mom also has an umbrella from a flower.
Ho hum... fireplace bunnies.
This is the tea towel shelf in my bathroom. I didn't get a very good picture of the girls washing themselves on the shelf.
These cute little chicks and bunny are behind the bathroom sink.
In my kitchen these bunnies are on top of the shelf below.
Years and years ago we painted these Easter eggs with bendable arms and legs. They have cute faces.

This is on my kitchen table with more of the eggs we painted.
On top of my microwave is some bouncy, feathery chicks.
On top of my stove are more bunnies.
Oh top of my fridge - even more bunnies catching butterflies.
This is the scene in the window above my kitchen sink.
And last but not least my build a bear as an Easter Egg with bunny slippers.

Yup, I have a ton of decorations for Easter (there are more odds and ends around the house I didn't take pictures of - too many) . I love this time of year and the colors of spring!

Happy Easter!


Ann Marie said...

You are the QUEEN of Easter Decor!
Seriously!! I thought I had alot!

I have 2 little eggs that I made long ago like yours.. Too funny!

Everything looks great!
I hope you have a great and inspiring weekend! Love ya..

Scrappy Girl said...

Everything looks so hippity hoppity nice! I also noticed everything is very clean and shiney you good girl! LOL!

Rhonda said...

Hope said 'look Aunt Sondra has great decorations" You are crazy. Love them all. The kids put mine out but I don't have many. 1 tote is all and that includes my village. My parents brought Hope home a stuffed bunny from Arizona. She named him Cottontail... how cute then she came to me and showed me his tail is missing. LOL. She informed me it is wrong to have a bunny with no tail but she loves him anyways.

Zoey said...

WOW! You'd never guess how many decorations that I have up - 0!!! That is fantastic!

Small House said...

WOW, Sondra! You've got a whole lost of Easter going on!! I have some bunnies a lot like yours on my piano too!! I can't believe how much you have. You've done a great job displaying them in your house.

Liked your last post I missed. I've been trying to get back to coupons too. I have a friend that saves hundreds and I mean hundreds with a system like yours. She's been encouraging me. I just don't find the time I guess. I'm getting inspired though. THANKS!

Enjoy today. One more session at
2:00. I LOVE IT!


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