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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the little things that need repaired when you are a home owner. For me it comes to having enough money to actually do the repair or taking time off work to wait for a repairman (usually an all day thing).

I've had some issues with my electricity that has needed to be fixed for a while. In the upstairs room the ceiling fan has been broken for several years. Yup, several years! It actually spit out sparks when it quit working - scary!!

About six months ago I found a ceiling fan at Fred Meyers that was on sale and it had addition 40% off the sale price. I was able to purchase it for under $40. It has been sitting in my garage since then.

When we had warm weather a couple of weeks ago I decided I really needed to get it fixed. This is the top floor room that gets very hot in the summer too. Since I only had to clean one house this past Friday, I decided to call and get it replaced with the new one. I didn't think to get a picture of the old one.
Yes!! It is finally fixed. The ceiling fan works, the light works and it is beautiful!!
Another electrical problem I have had is that the lights in my hallway have not be working for - ooohh about 2 years.. I know - just shake your head!! Yeah!! They work - you can turn them off and on!!! LET THERE BE LIGHT!
AND...... Yes -- AND the fan in the bathroom has been out for about 4 months. It's been horrible not having a fan in a bathroom with no windows.. It's new, smooth running and now we have a working fan in the bathroom.
Such a relief to have these things fixed! Sometimes it is hard to be a home owner and a single woman... but I manage... It may take months or years - but I eventually do get things fixed!!


Zoey said...

Was this a DIY project??? Good job on fixing stuff. We have great intentions as well, but don't always get around to it as quickly as we should!

Cherie said...

We don't always get around to fixing stuff on a timely basis either. Right now we are having roof problems (BIG YUCK) - We had another leak with yesterdays little freak hail/thunderstorm.

Glad you were able to get all your lights fixed. I bet that feels good and you can see again!!!

That ceiling fan is really pretty.

Small House said...

We're slow to! BUT HEY...I love your fan, it's really pretty.

Glad you can breathe easy in your bathroom now. It wouldn't go over well at our house FOR SURE, if our bathroom fan went out.

Have a great day Sondra!

Ann Marie said...

Any project finished is GREAT!
I need to buy ceiling fans for both of my kids rooms.. They need some air movement before we turn on the AC!


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