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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drivers Training

Yup, it's that time when my teenager is enrolled to learn how to drive. We sent in the registration for Drivers training summer school. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
Teenage drivers are kind of scary ... they are new to the whole driving experience. Brady is real "NEW". He hasn't even started a car or anything related to driving a car. Soon he will be behind the wheel and moving that big piece of metal.
I remember my first day at drivers training. I was the first one up to drive. We were in the church parking lot and my instructor tells me to back up. I put the car in reverse and push on the accelerator and go. All of a sudden we come to a screeching halt. Scared me to death. Then I received a lecture that we don't push on the accelerator when going in reverse - like I knew that without instruction...

I am a great driver ... a little impatient at times ..... well most of the time..

I was in a few wrecks when I was a teenager. I sure hope I can live through another teen driver. Actually, Jason was a great driver and didn't really have any wrecks when he was a teen. For some reason, I handled Jason driving better then I am handling Brady going to Drivers training. Maybe I'm just older and wiser now, and know the risks better. Not to mention the added costs of insurance and another car... Arrgghhh it's a scary day!


Small House said...

Sondra, I'm thinking I need to send you a sympathy card! I turned into an entire different person when I was teaching my daughter to drive!!!!!! I've got another one coming up. I don't know if I can stand it. GOOD LUCK!!

WOW...I'm behind on blogging! I've missed some of your great posts.

I didn't even know about the "Tea Party" until yesterday when I was driving home, and I turn at the courthouse to head towards home. The traffic was backed up, so I got to watch a bit of what was going on. (I don't turn the news on like I used to)

My sister went to hers.

AND love your Easter post. What a cute mom you are. I didn't even get the baskets out this year. They got an egg with $5.00 and two packs of gum. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I just set everything on the coffee table. BORING!

Have a great day.

Ann Marie said...

Yes.. I will be a wreck when it comes to this also...something else I really don't look forward to..

Cherie said...

I think that is so exciting! It is a little nerve wracking but it is so great when they can drive themselves places!!
I am sure Brady will do great with his driving :-)

Lynn said...

Good post and love your blog !
Thanks so much for joining my "Mom's Loot" Blog as a follower LOL

I'm sure he will do just fine driving !

As for kids and driving...I had to go thru it all with 4 boys ( my oldest boys are twins, so two at once nearly sent me over the edge ) and 1 girl and I'm glad it's over!

My son and I were laughing this morning about my "Mom's Taxi" bumper sticker on our old Chevy station wagon...I was really on the go for years and it was a relief when they could drive themselves one point we had 6 cars in the driveway... then I would sit home and worry and pray a lot..CRAZY !

Zoey said...

Oh, so fun! It's stuff like that that really ages you fast!

wendy said...

Oooooo, that is indeed a scarry time. My husband is a drivers ed teacher at school (one of his many jobs at the high school along with teaching special ed and football coach) I was NOT able to help my kids drive - I am way to nervous. That was left to husband.

Scrappy Girl said...

Good luck with the training...I have had a 16 year old cousin here this week...she loves driving the Escalade up to hill from the schoolhouse to my house. It is kinda nice to have someone so willing to run up the hill or down when I need something!


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