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Thursday, April 2, 2009


I've recently gotten back into using coupons. I've always used them off and on. Sometimes it's such a big job in organizing, cutting and using that they have piled up and expired. I've recently found a couple a great websites to help me maximize the coupon system when shopping at a store.

Quite often "after" I have purchased groceries, I would find several dollars I could have saved if I had taken my coupons with me. A dollar savings is a dollar savings and I'm going to try to get my act together again and get the biggest bang for my buck.

I needed to find a better way for me to get my coupons organized and ready for use. I've read how others organize their coupons and finally determined that I would get mine user friendly.
I found an old binder I had and baseball card holders that were excess from my boy's pokeman, magic and X-men cards and put them to use. I cut my coupons out and organized them by category. I put them in the baseball card sheets and now I can actually find them while flipping through the pages.
The other thing I've learned is to clip all coupons, even if I am not going to use them. You can sent them to the military to use if you don't use them. There are several great coupon sites on my side bar which are VERY helpful in getting the biggest savings possible.
My other thought is how much easier it will be to give to the food bank if I get tons of stuff for free. I'm excited to finally get a system that will work for me and that I will use. I love saving money!


Ann Marie said...

Yay! You will save ALOT and get many free products also!!

Couponing had to go with me...
Something did, and it was just too time consuming. You have to pick for yourself and your family your priorities, and this was the thing I decided to quit for right now..

Once my kids are older, and maybe not-so-demanding of most of my time, I will get into it again.

Chad's cousin that lives in Caldwell has a site and she saves people 100's of dollars.
Couponing is amazing!!

Robyn said...

Your binder looks just like mine. I really can't believe the deals you can get by using coupons. My favorite sites are on my blog- you will have to check them out if you haven't already.

Cherie said...

You are my hero. I used to do couponing once upon a time but I did not have the patience for it.

There is a couple in our ward who are awesome at it and recently did a RS night about it. The do the Grocery game (I think it is Anyway, they showed us how they often get hundreds of dollars of groceries for literally 8 to 12 dollars. Wow!

I think it is amazing and I often think of trying it out again. Your binder idea is a great one to keep them organized!

Zoey said...

I am working on getting more into it and getting myself a binder. Someday soon, I hope!

Scrappy Girl said...

I don't coupon...after your cleaning posts and now this one I am wondering if you would really like me in real life...LOL! We always have Edward!

Brian and Tracy Atkinson said...

I just can't get into the whole couponing thing... I use no time as my excuse.


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