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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hummingbird Dance

There are certain times in my garden cycle that I always see hummingbirds seek out a feast of nectar.
 In the spring when the honeysuckle vine is in bloom and near the fall when the obedience plant is in bloom. 

I love it when they are regularly in my yard!

Today when I looked out the window I saw 2 hummingbirds in a dance. They were either trying to scare one another off or doing a love dance. They would fly in sync through the yard and then find some nectar to drink.

Here are a few pictures!
 The obedience plant is in purple. I've pointed out the hummingbird with a white arrow. 

There are two birds, one with a red tail and the other all gray. 
 Here is the gray one. 
 The red one  .... and on the far right hand side is a flash of the gray one. 
 The gray one decided to find other nectar and came to the patio hanging baskets. This poor fuchsia basket has been having a hard time in 100 degree weather, but it's still hanging on. 
 Now the red tailed hummingbird found a beautiful Zinnia to feast on. 
This time of year when everything is big and blooming - it gives me such joy. 

I do love my garden and all the creatures who enjoy to feast on nectar here. 

Please come again!

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