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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy 31st Birthday Jason

 Jason turned 31.

Yikes, I'm old .... can't believe my son is 31.

I decided to decorate my house with balloons and signs to celebrate his birthday. He laughed when he walked in and saw all the decorations. I know he secretly loved it. 
 I decided to just purchase his birthday cake. Isn't it fun?

I forgot to buy birthday candles .... darn!
 I had a few candles so Sharon put 3 together and 1 separate for 31 years old. 

A cheesy smile because we made him pose for pictures --- too funny!
 Awe, now that's a nice smile from my cute son. 
 Jason just cracks me up!!
 Sharon lighting the candles.
 Jason checking out the fondant clouds on this fun and yummy cake. 
To celebrate his birthday we saw Ant-Man. We liked it a lot! Of course, we usually like all the Marvel movies. Sharon was grossed out during most of the movie because she hates ants. I just shook my head while she was shuddering through the movie. 

After the movie we went out to a chinese dinner.

Happy 31st Birthday Jason!


stevenjared0853 said...

Incredible birthday party photos! The cake is looking very pretty. It looks like he is very excited to see the birthday cake. For my cute son’s birthday celebration I had reserved one of his favorite rental halls in Philadelphia. It was just a fantastic party!

Valerie said...

I didn't realize your boys were 10 years apart. Looks like a fun celebration! My daughter is obsessed with Marvel so we saw Ant Man too. I was happily surprised that it wasn't stupid. :)


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