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Friday, August 14, 2015

1st Harvest of Tomatoes 2015

 I've been enjoying all the tomatoes that have ripened in my garden. 

I've been eating about 1 every day. However, I just have a lot more then I can eat.

I decided I better get them canned and preserved for this next year. 

I was able to get 5 quarts of tomatoes on my first harvest. 

I am overjoyed that I have tomatoes this year because last year I didn't have any because blossom rot. It's nice that my plants are producing tomatoes this year and lots of them. 
I'm excited that it will be a great 2015 harvest!!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

What a big harvest! And a great way to use them. Fresh tomatoes! Yummmmm!


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