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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pirate Lemonade

 There is a very small pirate living in the heart of Boise's North End and he runs a lemonade stand. He's not our average pirate. He pays for his own supplies and share profits with his buddies. He saves a little (for college); he shares a little (with charity); and he spends a little for fun (it's hard work being a pirate, after all!). Check out his facebook page here to find out when and where he'll be selling Boise's most memorable (and tasty) lemonade. See you soon, Matey! 
 Sunday, Jason and Sharon came upon this cute Pirate Lemonade stand and couldn't resist running home and getting this little Pirate some gold. 
 After grabbing some gold coins they made their way back to get some Pirate Lemonade. 
This is seriously the cutest and best built lemonade stand I've ever seen. 

 Jason laid down 5 gold coins and asked for a cup of Pirate Lemonade, which he promptly gave to his wife, Sharon to drink. 
Jason (above) always loved dressing up as a Pirate and he absolutely loved this Pirate Lemonade Stand. When he was a teenager he found a Pirate Scull Flag just like the one on the Pirate Lemonade stand and it hung proudly in his bedroom. Hmmmm, maybe this is why he has so many tattoos.. ?? Is it really a Pirate thing deep down inside him ...  ha ha ha ha!!!!
Lately Jason has been obsessed with obtaining gold coins - dollar gold coins. After getting quite a bit saved up he purchased a treasure chest to hold his gold - above is his stash. I think he truly has some Pirate in him. 

This is what Sharon posted on facebook:
My mean looking, foul mouthed husband has a heart of gold. We saw a little boy down the street selling Pirate Lemonade for 50 cents a cup. Complete with an eye patch and sword! We came home grabbed 5 gold dollars and went to get a cup of lemonade. He said "every Pirate needs some gold coins", got me a cup of lemonade and we headed back home. The little boy was so excited! He ran up to his grandparents who were watching from the porch and had to show them his "loot". It was too cute!

When I saw this on Facebook I just smiled. Jason really is just a teddy bear and has a heart of gold!
He paid $5 for a 50 cent cup of Pirate Lemonade and made a moment in time this little Pirate will always remember. 

Awe, this Pirate moment was too cute not to share. 

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