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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My 5 May Wins!!

1. I earned $175 in extra income 
by doing some extra customer cleans.

2. My swagbuck total points for May was 2518. 
My sister-in-law Rhonda started doing Swagbucks in May and it's been a lot of fun in motivating. Each day we share how many points we can get and text the swagbucks code to each other. This has helped keep me motivated in doing as many Swag bucks as I can. We've decided to use this as a Christmas savings plan. If I earn 2500 per month, by December I will have $200, but if I push it to 5000 per month then it will be $400. I like the idea of having free money to spend for Christmas. It's fun to have a friend to motivate each other each day. It's fun to celebrate your big wins too - like a 200 point survey. 

3. I took a box of items to donate to a thrift store. 
It's always a nice to get rid of something and actually have it gone from my home. 

4. I finished planting all of my flats of flowers and garden seedlings and seeds.
I ended up planting 16 flats of flowers. I spent around $250 for flowers this year. That is over a couple of months 1/2 in April for 5 flats of Geraniums and 1/2 for the flats of Impatiens and Petunias. It's amazing how much pressure is off of me now that it's done and they are all in the ground. I feel so happy and relaxed again. Even though it was a ton of work, my back and knees ached from digging, bending, and on my knees planting ... the beauty is worth it.

5. I spent $17.81 on groceries in May. 
I am so close to being debt free that I am super motivated to put as much as money as I can towards my goal. It's really motivated me to not spend and use food storage. I will be completely debt free (except my house) the beginning of July. It's such a great feeling to finally have that goal within reach. 

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