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Friday, May 8, 2015

Live an Optimistic Life

How did it happen? 

How did children become so pessimistic about the world?

I listened to a High School Senior speech and was completely amazed at these statements he made:

 "As many of you know, our planet is dying. As the only  means of our lives and our future children's lives we must do everything we can do to assure that our planet is healthy and sustainable." 

"Our generation faces the larges income inequality in American history, an injustice we will never stand for."

All I could think about was that these kids have been brain washed and not in a good way. 

How can they start their lives with such a pessimistic outlook on life. I know it's just not this generation that has been swayed by the media in believing these things. It's an on-going media topic that makes everyone feel helpless, depressed, repressed, pessimistic about the future. These statements cause dissension and violence. It stirs up people .... it does NOT lift people up. 

I haven't been watching the news for the past several years because when I do ... I feel like everything in the world is falling apart, that there is no future, no goodness in people, everything looks bleak and I become depressed. 

I hate the media. I hate the news. It's only news when it's depressing and controversial. 

We need to change that. We need to celebrate the great things in life and in this world. 

Our planet is NOT dying. Can we do better in conserving, picking up litter, being responsible in the things we do ... YES we can. But, I don't believe that our planet is doing worse then it did years ago or is as irresponsible with toxic waste as they used to be. Air quality is getting better then when the air was so clogged by coal generators, when litter was everywhere. We are doing better and technology is getting better. Why not celebrate how well we are doing instead of the pessimistic statement that "our planet is dying". I don't believe that at all.

There have always been shifts in the weather, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado's, tsunamis ... disasters. This is nothing new.  We just have better technology to communicate the problems over and over again. Our planet has always cycled through weather patterns ... droughts, floods, disasters and that is not going to change. 

First it was "Global Warming" ... Then it became "Climate Change"  

One reason is because the earth is currently cooling. If the earth gets too cold, too hot, if there is an increase or decrease in storm/drought, precipitation ... all of these events can be blamed on "climate change.". 

The truth is that climate always changes. But using the term "climate change" supports the modern-day witch hunt that allows any weather anomaly to be blamed on human activity. 

As for income inequality .... it will always happen. Do I think CEO are paid too much, absolutely!

But there will always be people smarter and harder working then others. It will never happen when everyone will make an equal amount of money. There is no challenge or motivation when the smarter, harder working people have to give up 50% of their wage to take care of someone lazy and unwilling to work. It won't happen because we are all human. 

I really believe it is the media that stirs up this contention. 

How sad is it to start your life with such a pessimistic attitude of the future. It completely breaks my heart. 

I love living in the United States of America. I think our planet is amazing and beautiful. I think we are so blessed and a blessed generation to have all the comforts we have in the time we live in.

It makes me completely sad not to celebrate our achievements, the longer life spans and the opportunities we have for a better life. 

So, for you 2015 graduates ... the future is bright, wonderful. You can do anything your heart desires. But be good, kind, responsible and treat people with respect and kindness. Work hard, study hard, be financially responsible by keeping a budget and making financial goals. You are young and you have the world at your feet. Don't go into debt getting an education. Don't expect others to take care of you. Be responsible for yourself and be a good citizen. 

I loved his statement that you can have over a 4.0 and not be in the top 10% of the class. This generation is brilliant and I see great things coming from you!

 You amaze me! Your future is bright and wonderful!

Don't be pessimistic .. don't let the media stir you up. 

Be optimistic and excited about this beautiful world and your future. 


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Enid said...

Well said, Sondra......I believe as you do ..and I know there are others who do to....


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