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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sparkling Clean, Professional House Cleaning Service

I'll make your home "Sparkling Clean"!!
Sparkling Clean is my Professional House Cleaning Service in the Boise, Meridian, Eagle, IDAHO area.

I am the only employee and the only one who will be entering your house every cleaning. I am dependable and honest.

My cleaning outshines everyone, and believe me I've cleaned up after other cleaning services and they don't come close to how clean I will get your house.

My rates are comparable to other companies. The first cleaning is always the most expensive as it is harder the first time I come to get your house to my standards. After the first clean I will quote you a bi-weekly cleaning price that won't change. 

I don't provide "one time only" cleaning or monthly cleaning. I only provide weekly or bi-weekly cleaning for customers.

I clean your whole house every time. Bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, laundry room, mud room, office etc. Your house will be "Sparkling Clean" when I leave it. 

I am a non-smoker and you can trust me in your home. I have great references. 

You can reach me at 884-1775 or (put in house cleaning in the subject line).  

Because every home is different, you can expect different pricing per home. There are many variables I consider when pricing: square footage, flooring types, amount of dusting required, pets/kids, clutter or general disorder levels. However, please use the following as a guideline to help you decide if you'd like to take the next step and invite me into your home:

Up to 1500 square feet: $135 - $164 initial deep cleaning, 
bi-weekly $85 - $115 per clean, 

Up to 2500 square feet: $145 - $185 initial deep cleaning, 
bi-weekly $95 - $125 per clean.

Up to 3500 square feet: $175 - $250 initial deep cleaning, 
bi-weekly $140 - $155 per clean.


Colleen said...

How much do you charge per hour? I don't live there, but am needing a cleaning service for my dil. I just wanted to know the going rate.

Sweetgirl said...

I came across your darling turkey handout idea for seminary and I was curious about what talk/quote you ended up using! Thanks. :)

Sondra Murray said...

Sweet Girl, I had to check with my son because it's been a while since he gave a high school devotional. We believe that he gave the "gratitude" from The Strength of Youth handbook talk. He included some of the scriptures listed in that topic too. Here is a link:

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I wish I could transport you to Rexburg!!!!
I could use some cleaning motivation and I would love you pick your brain about a kitchen redo.
After yours I'm still so impressed!

Born Hellan said...

I live in Boise Idaho area, and I am looking for weekly service, what are your charges for weekly house cleaning services? I only prefer natural cleaning products to clean my house.


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