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Monday, August 11, 2014

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Part 5

During our city tour, it was amazing how narrow the roads were and how every thing went up towards the mountains. The mountains were very green because we were there during the rainy season. 

One of the places Lawrence and Mitch wanted to see was the "Love Bridge" between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's house. It was currently being repaired and under construction so we weren't able to go right up to it. But here is a picture of what it looked like. 
Here is a little history about the Love Bridge between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's houses. 

Puerto Vallarta was just a sleepy fishing village when Richard Burton arrived in 1963 to film Night of the Iguanawith Deborah Kerr and the bibulous Ava Gardner. The threesome's combined star power was enough to spark international interest, but when Burton's mistress Elizabeth Taylor joined the fray, the paparazzi really got an eyeful. The attention did little to dampen the couple's ardor for each other or their surroundings. In fact, Burton was so besotted with the spot that he purchased a love nest there that he gifted to Taylor on her 32nd birthday. Casa Kimberley, two connecting villas on a steep cobbled lane, would serve as the pair's private hide-away until their second divorce more than a decade later. Today, Casa Kimberley is a thriving B&B and a haven for hopeless romantics. The side where Burton was relegated during his drinking binges has three pool-view guestrooms. Crossing the "love bridge" to Taylor's quarters you'll find five more, including Liz's former penthouse, the "Cleopatra Suite." 

There were several stops along the drive to get group pictures. 

Sondra, Brady, Jason, Sharon, Lawrence and Mitch. 

The scenery was breath taking. I loved that everything was so green. When it's not the rainy season the mountains look bare as the picture below. Because the foliage dies down the mountains - monkeys don't thrive there. But there are big cats in the jungle - panthers, cougars etc.  

It was fascinating how the buildings go up the hills/mountains from the ocean. It was a beautiful sight.
Lawrence and Mitch. 
These islands had tunnels through them. Can't remember their name. 
Jason and Sharon
Mitch and Lawrence
Another stop was the lizard man. Brady wasn't going to hold them, but the man just started putting them on him. It looks like Brady was OK with that. 
Sharon, however, wanted to hold them. She loved every minute of it. 
There was NO WAY I was going to hold one or let them put it on me. I did get close enough to be in the picture. 

The beach in back of us had an earthquake that damaged a bunch of businesses as the land fell away into the ocean. The water was really clear and beautiful there. 
That evening we went to Salvadors for Jason's 30th birthday. Yes, we went on the city tour on his birthday. 
Lawrence arranged for them to have a special birthday cake for Jason. That was very thoughtful of him. Good job dad. 
 A family picture! It turned out great! You can tell we were all getting some sun on our faces! 
Lawrence and Mitch out in a beautiful sunset. 

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Haha! I had to laugh at your face with the lizards. No touchin' that thing.
I'd have to agree.

Happy Birthday Jason!


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