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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Part 2

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday July 23, 2014. 

Thursday we just stayed at the hotel, relaxed, swam in the beautiful warm ocean, laid in the sun, ate wonderful food and enjoyed conversations with each other. 
 Mitch, Brady and Sharon are in that beautiful warm ocean.
 Lawrence just got a drink and was headed to our cabanas.
The first thing we figured out was to wear our flip flops out to the ocean and leave it right near the waves. The first time we went to the ocean and tried to get back to the cabanas the bottom of our feet were on fire before we were able to sit down. The sand was so hot. 

I didn't bring flip flops - only my leather sandals that didn't handle the water and sand. I ended up buying some purple flip flops (on the left side of the cabana lounger) and a yellow and white beach bag to hold all our stuff.

Sharon only wanted a floppy hat. You can see her cute black and white floppy hat on the table. 

There are a ton of vendors that go up and down the beach every few minutes and they are trying to sell you something. It kind of drives you a little crazy that there are so many of them after a week on the beach. You have to negotiate the price on everything. I am sure we paid too much for Sharon's hat - $20. But it was fine because we learned what we were doing after that. 
 This is the pirate ship that is something you can do while you are there. It is a day long show and dinner. We decided not to do this excursion because it would have taken up a whole day. But we saw it every day and could hear the cannon shoot when it went by. 
 A cute picture of Brady with the pirate ship in the back ground.  
Yes, I gave the camera to someone else and got a picture - LOL! 

Brady and I wanted to walk along the shore to the city, but there wasn't a way to do it, we ended up at the docks or a river blocking the path. We took a few pictures, but I wasn't paying attention and the waves got my camera - so these pictures are blurry because I didn't wipe off the lens.  
My cute Brady!

We enjoyed the beach so much. Actually we enjoyed Puerto Vallarta and the nice thing about it was that I did feel very safe while I was there and out of the U.S.

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