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Thursday, January 9, 2014

As You Are, by Sarah M Eden

All I have been doing this past year is reading books. I don't watch TV anymore, I prefer to read and being lost in a story. One of my recent favorite author's Sarah M. Eden released a new book called "As You Are". I purchased it on my kindle below on the amazon link: 

 It is part of the Jonquil brother's story. This story is about Corbin who is very shy - we were introduced to him in "Drops of Gold". I devoured this new book in a day and I loved it (couldn't put it down)!!! 

Here is the order I suggest you read these books: 
(I added the key characters from each book below. If you read "As You Are" and want to know more about the characters brought together in this book - to tie all the other books together.)

Seeking Persephone: (Persephone and Adam, Duke of Kielder)

Courting Miss Lancaster: Henry who is Adam, Duke of Kielder's best friend, and Athena (Persephone's sister)

The Kiss of a Stranger: Crispin, Lord Cavratt and Catherine Thorndale

Friends and Foes: Philip Jonquil, Earl of Lampton and Sorrel Kendrick

Drops of Gold:  Marion (Mary) and Layton Jonquil with daughter Miss Caroline Jonquil

And now "As You Are" Corbin Jonquil and Clara Bentford (widow)

These are all clean historical (regency) romance stories - my favorite! 

Saw this picture on Sarah M. Eden's facebook and thought I'd post it too: 

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