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Friday, December 13, 2013

Giving Kindle Books For Christmas

Did you know that you can GIVE Kindle ebooks as gifts? Well, you can! Just click the "Give as Gift" button and you can send the ebook of your choice to whatever email you choose. That is some easy Christmas shopping right there. You don't even have to worry about shipping!

Here are some of my favorite books this year:
Kindle book "Blackmoore" here:
Since I loved this book I saw this author has two more books for 99 cents that I just purchased too (I hope they are good, but for 99 cents you can't go wrong): 
"Left to Love" here: *read and loved however there is a book to read before this one called "The Next Door Boys" that I'll read even though I've already read the book after this one. If you read it - I'd start with "The Next Door Boys" first. 
Of course some of my all time favorite too: 

The gift of reading some great books is the best! Enjoy!!! 

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