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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy 19th Birthday Brady

Brady has turned 19. I can't believe it, my baby is 19. He is such a great kid. I love him so much. 

A friend of his, Bryson made him a "Minecraft" cake. It was awesome - because Brady is so addicted to Minecraft.
Brady went out to dinner with some of his friends and they talked him in to eating some weird things he's never eaten before. This is what he said on facebook: I tried many different foods for the first time today. These include sushi, fried banana, quail egg, heart of palm, and chicken heart. Needless to say, my first time at Tucanos was a success!

He also went swimming at the pool in Brady's new apartment earlier in the day with his step sister Kaylynn and her husband Devin.  
 (Kaylynn and Devin's wedding picture)

Brady got new furniture from me for his new apartment.
 His new couch. I also found a fake leather ottoman from Fred Meyers 1/2 price at $49 that will double as a coffee table and foot rest. Best of all, he can put piano music inside the ottoman and a blanket.
I also purchased a mattress and frame for him. Plus, as a bonus he also got a new 32 inch TV.

Brady leaves for Salt Lake Thursday because he has a job interview on Friday. I sure hope he get it!!!

I leave on Friday to move all the stuff I just brought back to Idaho from Utah a few months ago. I'm glad that we found him a permanent place to live so that we don't have to move him again for a while. I'll take pictures as we set up his new apartment and will blog about it when I return.

It's all very exciting. Happy Birthday Brady and I'm so excited for you has you start this new journey in your life.  

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