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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy 29th Birthday Jason

 My oldest son, Jason turned 29 July 25th. In my frugal ways I made his birthday cake. However, I didn't have a white cake mix on hand and so I made it from scratch. It was a little dry, but it was good. Next time I just need to just go to the store and purchase a $1.50 cake mix - I like them better. But on the other hand it is a good feeling to know I can make one from scratch too. 

I haven't decorated a cake for a long time. It was kind of scary, but I did it.
 Instead of going out for dinner we decided to BBQ steaks at home. I'm being really frugal right now  cutting expenses in order to build up my savings again after purchasing my new car. Dinner was delicious, Rib Eye Steaks, Corn on the cob, twice baked potatoes (Jason's favorite), salad and rolls. Yum!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jason, Happy Birthday to you!
 29 candles glowing and ready for Jason to blow out.
 Don't burn your self from all that heat!
 Blow! All 29 candles blown out and a wish to come true.
It was a fun birthday. Jason wanted cash for is present and that's what he got. We also watched "Warm Bodies" after dinner. It was a cute movie.

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Zoey said...

Still can't believe we are all that old!!! I'm still 29 ya know!


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